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  1. The Stock & Barrel: Situated in Market Square, this cozy and rustic burger joint has an extensive selection of whiskey and really cool, craft burgers. The ingredients used are unique, fresh and local. The wait on the weekends is a little long, but it's definitely worth it.
  2. Coolato Gelato: Coolato is squashed between the Tennessee Theatre and Regal Riviera Stadium 8, and they make their very own gelato. The gelato menu features a variety of flavors like chocolate raspberry and banana pudding. In addition to their homemade gelato, Coolato Gelato also creates fresh sandwiches and Italian desserts.
  3. Pete's Coffee Shop & Restaurant: Take a small town diner and drop it downtown. That's Pete's. Pete's has burgers, sandwiches and wraps, omelettes, pancakes and anything else you might crave when you just really need some comfort food.
  4. Downtown Grill and Brewery: DGB, a nickname given by loyal customers (of which, I am one), doubles as a brewery and a sports bar. They have amazing food and drink specials every day except Friday and Saturday. Happy hour lasts all day on Sunday, though. They also have nights dedicated to typical bar games, like poker tournaments on Monday and trivia night on Wednesday.
  5. Nothing Too Fancy: This place is the home of Knoxville's softest t-shirts. Nothing Too Fancy set out to separate itself from the typical boutique that can be found downtown. Tennessee culture is the main theme of most of the items found in the store, including Tennessee logo sweatshirts and t-shirts, Knoxville skyline socks and Tri-Star coffee mugs.
  6. Curious Dog: Found in the Old City, Curious Dog features a menu of unique takes on the typical hotdog. They also have sandwiches, but the hot dogs are the stars. Curious Dog also has a wall of coolers filled with craft beers, ciders and just regular soda if you're under 21.
  7. Market Square Farmer's Market: From 11 a.m.-2 p.m. on Wednesday and 9 a.m.-2 p.m. on Saturday, Market Square turns into a bustling farmer's market. All products sold at the Market Square Farmer's Market are produced within a 150 mile radius of Market Square. It's great for fresh produce and locally made crafts.
  8. Bijou Theatre: The Bijou is one of Knoxville's many performance venues. What sets the Bijou Theatre apart from the others, however, is the Bistro at the Bijou. The bistro features seasonal menus of comfort foods to enjoy in a cozy atomosphere before, or after, the show you're set to see. Also, it's probably haunted.
  9. Regal Riviera Stadium 8: Stadium 8's sign lights up Gay Street, so it's a little hard to miss. The theater is downtown's stop for recent blockbusters. It's in a great location, and the general atmosphere is really fun. Also, they give student discounts, and that's always a plus.
  10. Suttree's High Gravity Tavern: It's a barcarde. That's right. It's a bar AND an arcade. Suttree's has classic arcade games like Galaga, pinball and skee ball as well as bar games like darts and foosball. It's fun. 

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