Strong alley, located between Market Square and Gay St., is more commonly referred to as “graffiti alley.” The alley originated as the first part of the Artist Alley Revamp Project, which cleared the alley of tagging and illegal graffiti and replaced it with commissioned artwork. The idea was to decrease vandalism and increase foot-traffic to view the various art pieces. The project has been a huge success, with the walls covered in commissioned work— and only some minimal tagging. Largely, Artist Alley Revamp art is a collaboration, first between agreeing business owners and willing artists, but also acts as a collaboration between the artists themselves. Areas of the walls are divided in 3 by 3 to 10 by 10 spaces for individual works. Many of the artists hold multiple spots, but are conscientious of leaving space for other's artwork. The art changes periodically, with the pieces currently in the alley dating from 2012 to this year. The alley also provides an array of styles as many of the artists come from various artistic background and lifestyles, reflecting the diversity of the Knoxville art community. Jayne McGowan, creator of the Artist Alley Revamp Project, has also expanded the movement to Java Alley in Old City in the hopes the project will expand to more areas in Knoxville.

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