Head Coach Jeremy Pruitt
Head coach of the University of Tennessee's football team, Jeremy Pruitt, gives a press conference on August 23, 2019 in the Ray and Lucy Hand Digital Studio.

Tennessee football announced Monday a new wide-ranging education and development program geared toward helping student-athletes succeed on and off the playing field. 

The program, “VFlight” is meant to help develop Vol football student-athletes by providing leadership development, personal enhancement, community outreach, and career and professional development programs and initiatives. 

Head coach Jeremy Pruitt has shown a commitment to the launch of this program and to helping his players succeed. 

"Our top priority as a program is developing our players for a successful life beyond football," Pruitt said "VFlight will empower our players from the time they enroll to their transition into professional careers after graduation. We are excited about the vision of VFlight, and we feel all VFLs can take tremendous pride in this initiative."

VFlight looks to empower football student leaders to make a positive impact on campus, in the community, and within their families through using their platform and voice.

Pruitt’s team has already appeared to recognize and use their platform, as the team was seen participating in and leading the March on UT on Saturday. 

Ashley Smith, UT Assistant Athletics Director for Player Relations and Development, is overseeing VFlight.

"I am so excited to see our VFlight program get off the ground," Smith said. "With the resources we have at Tennessee and the intense commitment Coach Jeremy Pruitt has shown, this program is truly going to change the lives of the young men on our football team. We are branding this program as VFlight. The first three letters are VFL which everyone around here knows that means Vol For Life. That's our commitment to our young men – to prepare them for a day when the game ends. When that day comes, they will still be a part of the Tennessee football family, and we will always want to see our family do well in life."

VFlight’s mission is based on three pillars: reVOLve, inVOLve, and eVOLve. 

reVOLve means that everything revolves around the student-athlete, and the program exists to develop a stronger and more confident student-athlete. Some of the programs offered include diversity and inclusion, financial literacy, mental health, nutrition and wellness, personal brand management, player development and strength and conditioning.

inVOLve is VFlight’s community outreach pillar that looks to get student-athletes involved on campus and in the community.

eVOLve focuses on student-athlete’s lives after their collegiate career. Whether that be professional football or entering the workforce, this pillar strives to prepare student-athletes for their post-college careers.

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