Staff Report: SPORTS

Tennessee football’s 100th anniversary in Neyland Stadium is quickly approaching. After allowing only 25% capacity last year, Neyland is back to its full capacity of 102,455. Ahead of the season, several additions have been made to the stadium in order to enhance the fans’ game day experience.

LED Lights

A new LED light system has been installed all throughout Neyland Stadium. This new light show will bring more life to the pregame as well as exciting in-game moments.


The fireworks show has been revamped to be bigger than ever before, as they will be projected from the skybox rooftops and the roof of the north endzone. Fireworks will go off during the pregame and every time the Vols score a touchdown or win a game.

Truly's Tailgate

Truly’s Tailgate is a new amenity that will be placed outside of Gate 9, where fans can choose from a variety of foods and drinks until the third quarter. For any game starting at noon, Truly’s will open three hours before the game starts at 9 a.m. For any game that starts after noon, Truly’s will open four whole hours before kickoff.

DJ “Sterl The Pearl”

Former Tennessee quarterback Sterling Henton will have an electric return to Neyland as a DJ. He will be at Truly's Tailgate prior to kickoff and on the sidelines the remainder of the game.

“I Will Give My All”

This year instead of just watching Tennessee players slap the “I Will Give My All For Tennessee Today” sign, fans will get a chance to do the same. Identical signs have been installed in each section above the portals, giving fans a chance to participate in tradition.

Toyota Volunteer Village Pregame

During every home game, fans with or without a game ticket will be able to participate in an energetic pregame with a concert series, food trucks and many more pregame activities. It will be held in the Volunteer Village, where fans will have a breathtaking view of Vol Walk and the Pride of the Southland Marching Band.

Neyland 100

In honor of Neyland’s 100th anniversary, fans are able to submit and share memories of their experiences in Neyland. This will be a part of a centennial milestone that will play on the video board during each home game.

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