The Tennessee Lady Vol rowing team began the fall portion of its schedule

by traveling to Chattanooga on Sat., Oct. 9, to compete at the 1999

Chattanooga Head Race. UT entered 10 boats on the soggy day, sweeping the

competition in the Championship 8+, Champion 4+, Championship 2- and the

Novice 4+.

"This competition was really good for the team to start the fall season. We

pretty much finished where we should have, and it shows that we're ready to

take on the competition," head rowing coach Lisa Glenn said

In the first event of the day, Tennessee took first, second, third and

fourth in the Championship Eight race. Shannon McMahon coxed the gold medal

winning shell, with Megan Reinhart, Michele Moore, Lauren Kueck, Grace

Harrington, Debbie Zmistowski, Kacey Montgomery, Erin Moore and Tammy

Horton stroking the boat to the victory.

The Championship Four competition netted equally positive results for the

Orange and White. Debbie Zmistowski, Nicole Small, Dawn Ware and Kim Walsh

took first place in the shell coxed by Heather Resig, and the second Lady

Vol Championship 4+ boat finished second.

Next, the Novice 4+ boat, with coxswain Brandi Bohleber at the helm,

crossed the buoys in first place. Erin Moore, Kacey Montgomery, Kelly

Kraiss and Sally BeVille provided the thrust in the winning effort.

Finally, Tennessee rounded out the day with a win in the Championship 2-.

The pair consisting of Megan Reinhart and Michele Moore proved too strong

for the competition as they glided to the Lady Vols' fourth victory in as

many events.

Next up, Tennessee will prepare for the Head of the Tennessee Regatta to be

held in Knoxville on Oct. 23 on Lake Loudon.

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