If you walked through the TREC this week, you might have noticed a curtain down on the basketball courts. Behind the curtain lies the intramural basketball courts, where friends and teammates play the sport they enjoy.

Intramural sports present an opportunity for all students, regardless of skill, experience, gender or disability to participate in the sport of their choosing in a variety of leagues, ranging from men’s, women’s and coed for every sport, along with a mix of other leagues, such as a fraternity league in basketball and softball.

The attraction of the intramural leagues lies in the freedom they offer. Most leagues are free to join and open to anyone, as long as the student is up to date with his or her student fees.

For some students, intramurals offer a chance to learn something new or continue the sport they played in high school. But most often, students simply want to have fun with their friends.

“I’ve met one of my best friends through intramurals,” said senior Cory Wilhite. “It’s a good thing to get involved in and having people who have the same interests as you, and it’s a good opportunity.”

Intramurals advocate opportunity, which is the reason behind opening leagues for multiple skill levels. Recreation leagues offer a more laidback environment, while competitive leagues play with the intention of winning every game.

“Getting a chance to meet new people on the intramural field is always a good thing,” said Jerrod Edwards, a senior in mechanical engineering. “I always played sports in high school, so it’s a good way to get out there with competition and still meet new friends.”

Intramurals also allow students to stay active and spend time with friends they have already made as they compete for the coveted “Intramural Champion” t-shirt.

If your team is one of the best at UT and ready for the next step in competition, extramural sports are also available, where the best teams from universities from around the U.S. compete in tournaments.

Intramurals also presents employment opportunities. The intramural offices pay officials and scorekeepers, require no previous experience and offer training.

To participate in intramurals, students can register online through the University of Tennessee website, with sports such as softball, dodgeball and 4-on-4 football still open to register without a waiting list. These seasons start in March, along with sand volleyball, tennis, kickball and many more to come throughout the semester.

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