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According to an article from WBIR-TV, the second COVID-19 cluster has been discovered as two members of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority at the University of Tennessee have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The two women who have tested positive are residents of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority house in Sorority Village at UT. This means that they have likely exposed many who share the living quarters.

Due to the fact that many of these women share bathrooms, a kitchen and more, all of the members living in the house have been asked to quarantine and self isolate. Even if they do not have the virus, they are considered close contacts with the women who have tested positive.

Dr. Spencer Gregg, director of the UT Student Health Center, says there is “no way to get around” quarantining all of the residents of the house.

Gregg further added that it is hard to avoid multiple exposures even with just one sorority or fraternity member living in their respective houses getting sick.

Also, Chancellor Donde Plowman has announced that UT will start testing campus wastewater as early as September.

This has been referred to as “surveillance testing,” and the goal is to distinguish which dorms may have the virus present even if students do not show symptoms.

Plowman says the testing of the dorm as well as sorority and fraternity house waters has been planned for months. It is probable that the case counts will go up due to this testing, but it is necessary to locate the cases.

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