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Chancellor Donde Plowman’s COVID-19 updates for Tuesday, Sept. 8 were, as she described in the livestream, “short and to the point.”

Plowman emphasized that the coronavirus case counts are increasing far too rapidly, and more drastic measures will have to be taken to counteract the rising cases. 

UT has secured an additional hotel to use for students in need of self-isolation, but this extra hotel will not be enough. More isolation spaces are needed because of the constant rising case counts, and she added that more isolation spaces will be provided and that information would come at a later date.

Plowman said that more drastic measures will have to be taken at the university, and “everything is on the table,” ranging from campus curfews to restrictions on campus visitors, and possible lockdowns impacting Greek communities.

Plowman also gave updates for the current active coronavirus case counts, which are now at 600. 592 cases are students, and eight are faculty members.

There are 2,112 people in quarantine or self-isolation. 1,939 are students, with non-residential and residential student counts nearly split down the middle. 

Plowman tells viewers that it is not any one group causing problems regarding the coronavirus, but there is a small group of students causing a “significant issue.”

She also said that the university has received “disturbing information” stemming from the fraternities in particular, who are said to be teaching each other how to have parties and avoid getting caught and to rent spaces off campus to have parties.

Further, she said that they are said to be telling each other to avoid getting tested for the coronavirus so that the results are not shared with the university. 

These things can jeopardize the safety of other students, and Plowman urges students to be less reckless, and to stay aware of how they are feeling.

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