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Pickup Locations


  Admissions/Faculty Club

  Ag Campus Bus Stop (Orange Box)

  Ag Engineering

  Ag Library

  Alumni Memorial Bldg

  Andy Holt Tower (Orange Box/Breezeway)

  Animal Sciences Bldg

  Art & Architecture Bldg

  Ayres Hall

  Baker Center

  Beacon office

  Clement Hall

  Communications Bldg

  Conference Center (Orange Box)

  Dunford Hall

  Fred Brown Hall

  Golden Roast Coffeehouse

  Haslam Building

  Henson Hall/Massey/Greve

  Hess Hall

  Hodges Library/Volunteer (Orange Box & Inside Foyer)

  Hodges Library/Melrose (Orange Box)

  Hoskins Library

  Humanities Bldg (1st Floor South Entrance & Orange Box at Tower)

  Law School

  McClung Museum

  Min Kao Engineering Bldg

  Multi- Cultural Center

  Music Bldg

  OIT/Kingston Pike Bldg

  Parking Services

  Perkins Hall

  Plant Sciences Bldg

  Presidential Cafeteria (Orange Box)


  Science & Engineering

  Sorority Village

  Southern Kitchens

  Stokely Hall

  Student Health Bldg

  Student Services Bldg

  Student Union (6 digital racks & Orange Box)

  Thompson Boling Arena (Cafe & Orange Box)

  Tickle Engineering Bldg.

  T-Recs Bus Stop (Orange Box)

  T-Recs Center (Digital)

  Veterinary  School

  Volunteer Hall

  WUTK (Digital)



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