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The Daily Beacon is the campus newspaper serving the campus of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and its surrounding community. The paper is editorially independent and is entirely written, produced and managed by students. The Daily Beacon is published on Wednesdays during the fall and spring academic terms; plus content is published daily on our website, www.utdailybeacon.com. The paper is free of charge and is mainly supported by advertising.

The Daily Beacon has a distribution of 2,100 per week during the school year. Our office is located at 11 Communications Building, 1340 Circle Park Drive, Knoxville, TN 37996-0314.


In 1871, students at the university published a semi-monthly newspaper, The University Times-Prospectus, which included "literature, science, news, wit, humor and whatever else may be of interest in connection with the Institution." More frequent student newspaper publishing began in the first decade of the 1900s, and since 1906 a student newspaper has published continuously. The Orange and White published for 61 years, as a weekly first and later as a semi-weekly.

The Publications Council, which had overseen the newspaper since 1916, hired alumnus David Hall '65 to develop a plan for a student-managed daily paper. That led to the establishment of The Daily Beacon on April 20, 1965, as the successor to The Orange and White. An initial publishing schedule of four issues per week was soon expanded to five days; this daily schedule remained uninterrupted for years until The Daily Beacon shifted much of its content online due to readers' preferences.




Southeastern Journalism Conference 2021:

6th place Best News Writer  (Gabriela Szymanowska)

5th place Best Press Photographer  (Gabriela Szymanowska)

4th place Best Special Events Reporter  (Gabriela Szymanowska)

2nd place Arts and Entertainment Reporter (Jake Yoder)

5th place Best Sports Writer (Noah Taylor)

9th place Opinion/Editorial Writer (Mollie Chambers)


Pinnacle College Media Awards 2020:

1st place Best Sports Game Story (Noah Taylor)


Southeastern Journalism Conference On-Site 2020:

1st place Feature/News Photography (Gabriela Szymanowska)

2nd place Sports Photography (Kenneth Richmond)

3rd place Copyediting (Allie Justis)


Mark of Excellence Awards 2019:

1st place Online/Digital News Videography (Elexis Houston, Kelsey French and Braxton Ziolkowski)


Tennessee Associated Press Awards 2019:

2nd place Best College Media Website


Pinnacle College Media Awards 2019:

1st Place Best Multimedia Breaking News Story

3rd Place Best Special Section Cover (Eliza Razak)


Best of the South 2019:

4th place Best Sports Writer (Blake von Hagen)

8th place Best Feature Writer (Gabriela Szymanowska) 


College Media Association 2018-2019: 

1st place Multimedia Breaking News Story 

3rd place Special Edition Cover (Elisa Razak) 


Tennessee Associated Press Awards 2018: 

1st place Online Ongoing Coverage (Kylie Hubbard & Cat Trieu) 

1st place News Graphic/Illustration (Elisa Razak) 

2nd place Newspaper Reporter (Kylie Hubbard) 

2nd place Investigative/In-Depth Reporting (Gabriela Szymanowska) 

2nd place Television Reporter (Colin Sawyer) 


Green Eyeshade 2018: 

1st place Best Columnist in the South (Evan Newell) 

2nd place Best Sports Writer in the South (Blake Von Hagen) 

3rd place Best Designer in the South (Elisa Razak) 


Best of the South 2018 On-Site: 

1st place Sports Writing (Tyler Wombles) 

2nd place News Writing (Christy White) 

2nd place Photography (Gabriela Szymanowska) 


Best of the South 2018: 

7th place Best College Newspaper 

3rd place Best Op-ed Writer (Evan Newell) 

4th place Best Sports Writer (Blake Von Hagen) 

7th place Best Sports Writer (Noah Taylor) 

5th place Best Newspaper Page Layout Designer (Elisa Razak)  


Tennessee Associated Press Awards 2017: 

1st place College Photojournalist (Adrien Terricabras) 

1st place Online Spot Coverage 

1st place Online Ongoing Coverage (Tyler Wombles and Damichael Cole) 

2nd place News Story (Annie Tieu and Alex Holcomb) 




Our policy at the Daily Beacon is to remove nothing from our online archives. Exceptions can be made if the material is unlawful — meaning that it is potentially defamatory or an invasion of an individual's privacy – but we will not change the historic account of our newspaper based simply upon the request of someone, years later, who may find something to be embarrassing or bothersome.

Material that was lawful and supported by the editorial staff at the time of its original publication does not become improper with the passage of time. That policy is based upon the advice of the Student Press Law Center, an organization that exists to address and serve the legal needs of the student press nationwide.




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