Michaela Roach

Michaela originates from Chattanooga, TN and is currently a Junior studying English with concentrations in both Literature and Technical Communications. Some of her favorite writers include Dylan Thomas, Chuck Palahniuk, Shel Silverstein, and Quentin Tarantino. Michaela finds joy in the simple pleasures in life such as hunting for four-leaf clovers, collecting silly hats, and terrorizing children who try to sell her coupon books at dinnertime. When Michaela feels the weight of impending doom upon her shoulders, she soothes herself by putting on onesie pajamas and singing Broadway show tunes. Michaela says that she has no idea what she wants to do after college, but that’s okay.
3 truths and 1 lie: I know Italian, I have three tattoos, my middle name is a song title, one of my goldfish ate my other goldfish.

Justin Keyes
Design Editor

Justin Keyes is a junior at UT studying graphic design. He has worked with Student Media for the last three years. As Design Editor for the Daily Beacon, Justin and his cohort won first place in the “Best News Graphic/Illustration” category for a collection of works in the 2016 Tennessee Associated Press Broadcasters and Media Editors' Annual College Media Contest. After graduation, Justin plans to pursue graduate studies in product design/prototyping.
3 truths and 1 lie: I used to drive a taxi, I play the piano, I have a tattoo about fonts, I once met Peyton Manning.

Laurel Cooper
Assistant Designer

Laurel Cooper is a Junior in College Scholars studying Visual Communication and Brand Strategy. She is originally from Virginia, rock climbs frequently, stress bakes often and is pursuing a theatre minor. In addition to working at the Phoenix, she designs at The Daily Beacon and frequently draws subpar portraits.
3 truths and a lie: Laurel is allergic to mangos but eats them anyway because the risk makes fun, she has a cat that enjoys going for walks on a leash, she has been stepped on by a horse (on a limb not the foot), she has not written an essay in a year.

Ashley Baker
Fiction Section Editor

Ashley Baker is a junior Creative Writing and Cinema Studies major from Knoxville, Tennessee. She takes her coffee black and her wine expensive. She sleeps eight hours a night and spends every waking hour eating trail mix. She studies the greats in hopes of one day joining them… in hell.
3 truths and a lie: I have never eaten a hot dog, I’ve bummed a cigarette off of a Hemingway/PEN award winner, my guilty pleasure reading is Jane Austen, my mother is convinced I don’t drink.

Kelli Frawley
Poetry Section Editor

Kelli Frawley is a sophomore at the University of Tennessee majoring in English. When Kelli’s not reading poetry, she’s probably having an existential crisis or napping. Kelli’s interest in poetry started with slam poetry. She won first place in the Tri-Cities Regional Poetry Slam in 2015. Here at UT, Kelli engages with poetry both in her studies and through her position as the poetry editor of The Phoenix.
3 truths and a lie: Kelli can’t swim, Kelli is allergic to red dye, Kelli’s favorite food is fried eggs, Kelli is afraid of dogs.

Jesselyn Voysey
Art Section Editor

Jesselyn Voysey is a senior from Orange County, California. She obtained an Associate Degree in Art from Orange Coast college. She is now majoring in Journalism and Electronic Media at the University of Tennessee. Jesselyn is also a current member of UT's rowing team. In her free time she enjoys watching videos of pigs and hopes to one day own one. She also wants to name her future pig bacon.
3 truths and a lie: I have been stuck in a Chicago airport for 39 hours , I ran into Kevin Costner on a train in a small town in Italy, I have been caught in the middle of a police shooting, I grew four inches at the age of 18

Mikayla Ragan
Copy Editor

Mikayla Ragan is a senior at UT, and is majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in journalism. Mikayla loves reading Young Adult fiction (some that admittedly isn’t even that great), and some of her favorite authors include Suzanne Collins, P.C. and Kristin Cast, and of course Edgar Allan Poe like most other casual goth kids. She loves writing and has taken many different writing classes at UT. Her other hobbies include saying hi to every dog she sees but not the person walking them and singing much too loudly in her car whether she is alone or not. She is not sure what she will do after graduating in May, but she hopes to go into editing/publishing and of course write some books.
3 truths and 1 lie: My dog is my best friend, I’m addicted to peppermints, I’ve read all the Harry Potter books, and I like to go ghost hunting.

Leah Powell
Support Staff

Leah is a Senior majoring in English Literature and Technical Communications, with a minor in History. Her primary literary interests include women in literature and 19th Century literature, and her favorite books are Bastard Out of Carolina, Frankenstein, and McTeague. After graduating in May, Leah hopes to pursue a career in copywriting or editing.

Chris Mills
Support Staff

Christopher Mills is a senior at the University of Tennessee majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in English and Journalism. Christopher is also a member of the music department at the student radio station, WUTK 90.3 FM The Rock, and is the director of hip-hop at the station. He was born in the backseat of a car. In his spare time he enjoys writing and recording music, or watching movies. He has an unhealthy obsession for tacos. After graduating school this May, Christopher is unsure of where his education will take him, but he hopes he can make an impact on the world through art.

Josh Moore
Support Staff

Joshua Moore is a Junior at the University of Tennessee, pursuing a double major in Business: Economics and English: Literature. Ideally, he would like to find a career of any form that involves a lot of writing. Ensuring that the literary arts remain relevant and a critical part of culture matters a lot to him; this is the main reason why he supports the way the Phoenix promotes student created art on UT’s campus. This is his first year at the Phoenix, but he plans to stay involved through the rest of his time at UT.
3 truths and a lie: I am partially color-blind, I've skied in Sweden, I've ghost written for the Governor, and I've swam in the Baltic sea

William Plank
Support Staff

He was born in Annapolis MD and moved to Tennessee as a child. He is a classics major with an interest in politics, scifi, and heavy metal. He has one published story on 365tomorrows.com under the name Ancus Mitis and distributes pamphlets on ranked choice voting by hand.
3 truths and a lie: I have a dog, My favorite animal is a wolf, I am really hungry as I write this, I have appeared on three episodes of Stargate Atlantis