Francis Jennings once said, "The invaders also anticipated, correctly, that other Europeans would question the morality of their enterprise. They therefore (prepared) ... quantities of propaganda to overpower their own countrymen's scruples. The propaganda gradually took standard form as an ideology with conventional assumptions and semantics. We live with it still." From a piece of an article, "Former UN man warns of Afghan 'catastrophe': "The Afghan war was illegal and could not be justified on the basis of self-defense. 'Mr. Powell U.S. Secretary of State has said that the evidence against bin Laden and al-Qaeda would not stand up in court. If it won't stand up in court, how the hell can it justify bombing?'" ( In Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays, Northrop Frye writes, "We should have to say, then, that all forms of melodrama, the detective story in particular, were advance propaganda for the police state, in so far as that represents the regularizing of mob violence, if it were possible to take them seriously... cultivated people go to a melodrama to hiss the villain with an air of condescension: They are making a point of the fact that they cannot take his villainy seriously. These arts pretend to address themselves seriously to a subliminal audience of cretins, an audience that may not even exist, but which is assumed to be simple-minded enough to accept at their face value the statements made about the purity of a soap or a government's motives. The rest of us, realizing that irony never says precisely what it means, take these arts ironically, or, at least, regard them as a kind of ironic game."

On Nov. 14, there was a "War on Terrorism in 3-D: Dialogue, Deliberation and Discovery" teach-in here at this university. Did you get a chance to check it out or did you get a chance to check out an event in the area where you live? Resources to help us look at the continuum of Sept. 11 in a different light: James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership (, Boggs Center Conversations For Your Consideration: World Trade Center Bombing 9/11 (, Starhawk's Home Page (, Coalition of Women for a Just Peace (, and lastly "What Americans need to Know - but probably won't be told - to Understand Palestinian Rage" (

Who is the head of al-Qaeda, the CIA - thus whoever controls the White House, this country, and the world - or Osama Bin Ladin or some other entity? What is martial law? Is martial law on its way, if so, how long till it arrives? How can we stop martial law from advancing? Why is the "Northern Alliance" no better for the people of Afghanistan than the Taliban, both of whom we support(ed)? What do the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) and other people in or exiled from Afghanistan want in a new government? What do the US.., U.K., Pakistani, Israeli, and other governments (including oil, gas, and fishing corporations and drug traffickers - the U.S. "corporament" is a major weapons and drug trafficker) want in a government in Afghanistan? Is this "War on Terrorism" any different than the "War on Welfare, Drugs, Crime" and so on? No, they are all wars on people and means of advancing agendas and profits, whether it is the continued trafficking of drugs, oil, gas, fish, or other "natural resources".

Someone wrote this excerpt of a review of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West by Dee Alexander Brown at "Gen. George Crook, a veteran Indian fighter throughout the Great Plains and Southwest, who eventually began to perceive (albeit too little, too late) the flaws in his government's policies. With some qualifications, it could serve as an apt description of certain aspects of America's (and the world's) current political climate: 'It is too often the case that ... newspapers ... disseminate all sorts of exaggerations and falsehoods about the Indians, which are copied in papers of high character and wide circulation, in other parts of the country, while the Indians' side of the case is rarely ever heard. In this way the people at large get false ideas with reference to the matter. Then when the outbreak does come public attention is turned to the Indians, their crimes and atrocities are alone condemned, while the persons who injustice has driven them to this course escape scot-free and are the loudest in their denunciations."

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