It is time that we discuss a new future, not based on the lies and distortions of the past, but an honest and reconciliatory truth that defines the past so that we know exactly how we made it to the present situation. We can choose to allow the future to continue in an exclusive world full of bleakness, or we can determine a new future that is full of hope and inclusively. But, we must make the transformation to change our current out-dated consciousness and, thus, our lifestyles as well.

In Creating a World That Works For All by Sharif Abdullah, he states that once every four years, many of us participate in a political charade. We pretend that the Breaker society will change because of a beauty contest that installs a new personality in an overly large residence in Washington, D.C. We know that this exercise is a lie, a pretense. And we acquiesce in the pretense. Political ritual replaces political life. It is self-indulgent, self-promoting and basically pointless. Congress spends time investigating itself and the sins of past and current administrations. The courts undo the latest legislation. The government spends more and more money to do less and less. In America, we have concentrated solely on economic development, while disregarding the total development of us as humans: social, communal, political, creative, spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. This has brought us to a current election year of voting for the lesser of two evils for president from one of two parties that in reality are more similar than they are different, thus the commonly used term, the Republicrats party. However, the list of candidates is longer than the two that are ingrained in our heads through the mainstream media:

Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke (Green Party), John Hagelin and Nat Goldhaber (Natural Law Party), Harry Browne and Art Oliver (Libertarian Party), Howard Phillips and Joseph Sobran (Constitution Party), Pat Buchanan and Ezola Foster (Reform Party), Al Gore and Joe Lieberman (Republicrat Party) and George W. Bush and Dick Cheney (Republicrat Party).

The above candidates are vying for the office of president and vice president, though only reforms can occur regardless of who wins. For real change to happen, we must realize that politics does not end on 7 November 2000 ( and continue again sometime in 2004. Political, environmental, and social responsibility must become a part of our every day lives.

Michael Moore talks about some interesting facts that many of us probably overlook in an excerpt from his letter entitled Countdown to Nov. 7: On Mount Rushmore, we have carved in stone the heads of our four most revered presidents. YET, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM BELIEVED IN THIS CORRUPT TWO-PARTY' SYSTEM! Lincoln won as a third-party candidate of a brand new party. Jefferson won in a three-way race too close to call it had to be decided by Congress. Washington didn't even belong to a party, and Teddy Roosevelt, after succeeding a slain president and serving another term, became so disgusted with the two' parties he formed his own third party and came in second, beating the Republican, William Howard Taft!

For those of you who are voting for Gore out of fear of Bush, look at the legacy that the Clinton-Gore administration is leaving us. Now, look at the legacy of the Bush administration in Texas. Do we really want one or the other for the next four years? Why do we continue to vote out of fear and not out of conviction? Why do we allow the candidates to tell us what issues are important to us? Why do we allow our information to be dictated to us by the media, that is owned by the same corporations that control the government? Break the mold. Vote for Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke. Watch the movie Bulworth.

In an excerpt from a letter by Michael Moore titled Bush and Gore Make Me Wanna Ralph: A Letter from Michael Moore to the Non-Voters of America, he says, You wanna tell me there's a choice here between two guys who both support NAFTA, WTO, the death penalty, the Cuban embargo, increased Pentagon spending, sleazy HMOs, greedy hospital chains, 250 million guns in our homes, more bombing of Iraq, the rich getting richer and the rest of us declaring bankruptcy?

In closing, here's an excerpt from the pamphlet Beyond Usual Politics reprinted by the National Organization for an American Revolution (NOAR): ... We must now re-conceive politics as the continuing responsibility of every citizen to choose which road should be taken by his/her community, workplace, and the nation as a whole in order to advance the common good.

Irucka Ajani Embry can be reached at and is preparing for the coming of an inclusive world.

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