What is Mossad? What is/was the relationship between the U.S. and Israel? The U.S. and Palestine? How about the United Kingdom and

Israel? U.K. and Palestine? Has Israel, the Northern Alliance, the United Kingdom, North

Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), or any other of our allies or enemies or any leaders representing one of those nations or NATO been convicted, indicted, or accused of war crimes against humanity? If so, when and against whom? Why was/is our g

overnment buying up satellite photos of Afghanistan? How many times has the Red Cross been bombed in Afghanistan? Why? Why did our government bomb the Al-Jazeera office in Kabul? Why do we bomb villages (including homes), pharmaceutical factories, religio

us/sacred/spiritual places, water treatment plants, soccer fields, bridges, trains, schools, hospitals, cars, airplanes, media offices, and so on? How many more times will we allow those places to be bombed until the resulting deaths and Earthly destructi

on reaches our consciousness? How long has the recent bombing campaign/occupation in Afghanistan (by mid-October 2001) been planned, since 1997, 1998, mid-July 2001, or some other time? Why did our government refuse to have an international trial in a cou

ntry, outside of the UK or the us, for the accused in the Sept. 11 continuum? Weren't all of the alleged hijackers using fake IDs? If so, how do we know who they really were/are? (I doubt that there were any hijackers on the planes.) Did cellular phon

e calls appear on the phone bills of any passengers on any of the planes? If not, why not?

Who profits/benefits from the anthrax scares (vaccinations, antibiotics, and so on); the buildup of nuclear and other weapons; the bombing campaigns around the world; the continuum that appeared on Sept. 11; the production/manufacturing, sale, and distrib

ution of us flag pendants, pins, bumper stickers, and so on? Why do people hate the atrocious policies of the us government, domestic and foreign, and our arrogance through our ignorance? How can a bully such as the United States of America claim that it

is an innocent victim when it is directly and/or indirectly involved in disappearances, bombings, intimidation, torture, and the assassination of people of all ages (including but not limited to teachers, students, priests/religious/spiritual leaders,

leaders of nations, and journalists) in the us and/or around the world on a daily basis? The us corporament has thwarted the election process and/or brought about military coup d'état, thus replacing the voice of the people with a military dictator or

another puppet in country after country around the world, including our own. Therefore, how do we uproot the conditions that breed violence? Do we want to accelerate the current nuclear and other weapons of mass/limited destruction arms race?

What is The Protocol? What is Zionism? What is the New World Order? What are human rights? What are civil rights/liberties? How can one have civil rights/liberties if one is not considered by law or personal preference to be a human being? What connecti

on exists between Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the illegal bombing and occupation (War) in Afghanistan? What are the connections between oil, drugs, vaccines, antibiotics, anthrax, the Bush family, the Rockefeller family, the Carlyle Group, the Bin Ladin (

Laden) family, the CIA, the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the us military/Presidency, Mossad, U.K., NATO, Israel, and so on? What are the connections between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); Centers for Disease Control and Prevent

ion (CDC); Bayer; BioPort Corporation; colleges/universities; the us Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick, Maryland; Battelle; the CIA; the FBI and the anthrax mailings? Who is the next target on our agenda? Th

e people of Iraq (who have been a target overtly and covertly continuously since 1989/1990) or the people of Somalia, the Philippines, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, or an

area in the United States again? Or a mixture of the aforementioned areas at the same time? Who was really behind the continuum of Sept. 11?

Here is a parting quote from Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong by James Loewen: Today Americans believe as part of our political understanding of the world that we are

the most generous nation on earth in terms of foreign aid, overlooking the fact that the net dollar flow from almost every Third World nation runs toward the United States.

Irucka Ajani Embry can be reached at iembry@utk.edu and asks how victory can come from an immoral, unjustifiable and illegal War?

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