Perry Davis

The mind is powerful. We all know that it is a terrible thing to waste, but how many of us in our daily lives actually take this thought into honest consideration? When you woke up this morning what was the first thing that crept into your mind? My thought was, “Thank goodness that I woke up again.” 

I know that I sound like an old man and in a few aspects I am a bit old-fashioned, but this is one train of thought that I believe will never fall out of fashion. 

In my past few articles I have pointed towards consistency. Again I would like to point to it for the topic of this week in leveling up. I like to use this term because I cannot help being an incorrigible video game fanatic. I find myself unable to spend hours sipping soda and devouring chips like in the past, but my love for the medium is still retained. 

We first need to take into consideration what exactly makes a human being a person. We all have our differences from heights to our ages that we cannot change, but there are many other factors that we can change. Let it be known that the only thing you can really change is yourself, so when taking in this information think only of yourself and for yourself. 

You and only you can level up. You are in control of yourself. I do not know the circumstances currently plaguing you in your life, but believe me when I say that you can get a hold of them. Take inventory of the problems in your life and charge at them head-on instead of delaying them.

Go walk your dog or write that paper. Sit down for a few minutes and simply strategize. Before you know it, you may find yourself halfway done or done entirely with that project you dreaded. Apply it to other areas of your life like working out or through daily meditating. These activities enrich the body and spirit and before you know it you will be an entirely different person. 

However, here’s the deal. You may read this piece and do it for a week or two or maybe even a month, but that is not good enough. You need to apply consistency every single day and until the day you can not bear it anymore. You need to give it your all if you truly want to level up. Now when I say “level up,” what do I mean? I mean that the starting point for your success will start in the mind.

You need to get rid of all the fetters in your mind. You need to stop beating yourself up and dragging yourself down. You need to go out, try new things and discover more about who you are as an individual. You need to truly wish to change. You cannot be half-hearted in this endeavor as only genuine effort will carry you to the next day. If you apply consistent effort to make yourself better every single day you will marvel at the person you will become. There will be days when you feel like quitting, but do not give up. It is infinitely easier for a person to give up than to think negatively. 

Choose the harder road, as the rewards at the end will be much more worth it. Do not give up and the familiarity of your current self will bring contempt. Today is the day to pay the price of becoming the person you always wanted to be. Thank you for your time. 

Perry Davis is a senior majoring in studio art. He can be reached

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