Fellow members of the Volunteer Family, the UT administration began preparations for our return to campus many months ago. They have invested not only financial resources, but also an enormous amount of time and consideration on ways to make our return safe.

We cannot anticipate everything, but I continue to be impressed by the measures and policies adopted by the chancellor and her leadership team. These policies and measures are all being directed toward our mutual benefit, success and safety. We owe them our thanks.

Now, it is time for us to honor those commitments and hard work. We can do that with our own personal commitments to do all we can as individuals to conduct ourselves within the recommended framework for promoting not only our safety, but also that of our friends, colleagues, classmates and families.

This is our personal and shared responsibility of doing the right thing. Let us all work together to overcome challenges and promote further safety and well being for us all. UT can unite in this challenge and effort.

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