As a Vol-for-Life attending UT in the late 70's-early 80's, I recall all that Pat did for her ladies.

We are now crying tears of anger at the lack of hustle, TEAMwork and poor performance by the players and a total lack of coaching by Holly.

Make those girls wash their own uniforms, sweep the gym, move out of the locker room, take a bus to games and run sprints till they either puke, quit or decide to uphold the TRADITION.

If that doesn’t work, then FIRE Holly.

She’s either a great coach with crap talent, OR she’s a horrible coach with great talent. Which is it? She either recruited well but can’t coach, OR she's a crappy recruiter who thought the players were great but aren’t.

As a military Special Operations veteran, I know there are many ways to motivate. I see none in the Lady Vols team or staff.

It's DISGUSTING losing to Arkansas.

We wonder, do you really back Pat or just give her lip service?

Leith Howarf can be reached at

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