To the University of Tennessee Administration,

In response to the letter that Interim Chancellor Wayne T. Davis sent out this past week:

I am pleased that some form of action is being taken in regards to the first steps for addressing the issue; however, I am not satisfied with just these approaches.

I am a sole believer that until the university makes a foundation in their legislation on some sort of punishment for students who commit hate crimes, white students won't see the need to do things differently. I believe that the university is failing as an institution by not placing direct consequences for hate speech.

As an institution, it is a university's job to prepare its students for the workforce. In the workforce, hate speech in any form is not tolerated, and such acts as grounds for termination. The same or very similar actions need to be in place at the university. Until I see some action in this domain, I will not be pleased.


Tiffani Toombs Class of 2020

Tiffani Toombs is a junior studying sociology and can be reached at

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