In the past, I used to not be an avid Apple user. As a college student at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, this caused some problems with my schoolwork almost every day. It was difficult for me to complete assignments because my laptop was too slow when it was trying to operate on certain programs, which in turn depleted my battery life. Even when I tried to update the software it would still run slow, day in and day out.

Although, now that I’ve switched to a MacBook Pro, I’m able to complete tasks on time, access multiple programs all at once without draining my battery power, and it’s really fast when it receives new updates.

College campuses across the U.S. provide certain technological devices for students and faculty to use, such as computers, laptops, tablets, etc. The issue is that these devices are not all a part the same platform, which causes problems within students’ and teachers’ accessibility, performance, and learning and teaching capabilities. Apple is proven to be one of the best if not the best company to provide schools with the devices needed to help teachers to instruct and students to learn.

With Apple as the main technology platform at UT Knoxville, students and teachers would be able to communicate better, have more accessibility around campus, and perform well in and out of the classroom with these reliable devices.

Could you imagine an entire university operating on one single technological platform that allows students and teachers alike to perform to the best of their abilities in and out of the classroom? Apple is the platform that connects all its devices to make it easier for its customers to communicate with one another and have the most efficient day to day performance.

Apple has helped teachers release their students’ creative potential for 40 years. They offer a deployment program for schools that supplies them with Apple products to use in and out of the classroom. Apple Education explains how this deployment program improves the classroom setting when they state that their products are designed to assist with the differences in students’ abilities to learn. These products include technologies that support every learner’s hearing, vision, learning, motor skills, and literacy needs.

Several colleges and universities across the United States, including UT Knoxville, have already implemented, or are in the process of, something of this nature. Before the fall semester of the current academic year began, Apple Newsroom announced that within this year, 100,000+ college students will have the ability to add their student IDs to their iPhone and Apple Watch through Apple Wallet. This allows students to purchase meals and school supplies and have access to different buildings and resources across campus.

Apple is an excellent platform to use for a multitude of reasons, but there are several computer programs that a number of students are required to download that process better on other computers that use Windows as their operating system. A great number of these programs are ones that are utilized by students seeking a degree in engineering.

However, Apple demonstrates to have a more dependable operating system when it comes down to system updates. They are released more frequently and have a swifter updating speed compared to the other leading competitors in the market. They also have updates that repair minor bugs in the system right after a large update is released, showing that Apple is always looking out for its customers when it comes to everyday performance.

If your campus is looking for a company to partner with to distribute electronic learning devices, and other such devices to help its students and faculty members to carry out their daily tasks in the most efficient way possible, then Apple is for you.

Matthew Campbell is a sophomore in college and studies Supply Chain Management at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. He is involved in campus ministry and the Air Force ROTC unit at the university. Matthew is an avid supporter of Apple as he owns several of their products including the iPhone X, MacBook Pro, and AirPods. He can be reached at

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