Spencer Ammen

Dear students,

The decision of whether to extend UT President Randy Boyd’s contract will be made in the next few weeks. This is a very important moment that will not only impact The University of Tennessee System, but also the entire state of Tennessee.

As the student representative on the UT System Board of Trustees, I have witnessed first-hand the leadership, experience and insight that Interim President Boyd brings to the table.

Following a successful career in business, President Boyd decided to dedicate the remainder of his life to giving back to the community.This has included serving as Commissioner of Economic Development and Special Advisor for Higher Education Development under Governor Haslam, creating several charitable organizations, and now serving as the UT Interim President.

In a day and age where true selfless civic giving is hard to find, President Boyd has served in his current capacity while taking no salary.

Since being appointed Interim President by the UT Board of Trustees on September 25, 2018, Interim President Boyd has made great strides in furthering the success of the UT System. Led by his leadership in 2019, enrollment increased 1.5% across UT campuses, fundraising numbers reached the third highest in UT’s history and there was an increase in collaboration and coordination with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

In addition, several new programs have been created, including UT Promise, which will help students in Tennessee who meet the academic requirements to attend any of the UT campuses debt-free.

Interim President Boyd has also worked to increase cooperation among all the campuses in the UT System. These and many other accomplishments inspired by Interim President Boyd in just the past year illustrate his unique leadership and provide a glimpse into the future successes if he remains president.

It is Interim President Boyd’s goal to make this “the greatest decade in the history of The University of Tennessee” and I am confident that with his leadership that is possible.


Spencer Ammen

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