Jerry Bush

Jerry Bush, Office of Student Media Director

The Daily Beacon’s Editor-in-Chief, Kylie Hubbard asked me this morning to write a note about the campaign effort to save and support Student Media departments across the country. I’m always excited and glad to discuss this topic.

This is my 22nd year as an advisor of student media. During those years I have seen the production of media go from paste up (yes, hot wax guns, border tape and proportion wheels) to digital products (websites, podcasts, video, etc.) It’s been an exciting, rewarding and fascinating career. I have seen newspapers go from being the media cash cows of the past to having to struggle every day to generate enough revenue to keep the doors open and the lights on. I have seen student media advertising departments go from boiler room type atmospheres (phones ringing constantly and ad reps having to talk over each other to communicate to the client on the other end) to the all to quiet keyboard pecking atmosphere of today.

Quality journalism and reporting is just as important (if not more) as it was twenty-two years ago when I started this career. However, the days when the newspaper flourished financially are in the rearview mirror. College newspapers that can totally fund themselves through advertising revenue are nearly extinct.

Student fees, fundraising events and donations have helped to fill the funding void but still falls far short of what is needed. Student newsrooms help

prepare tomorrow’s leaders. Today is Support Student Journalism Day. Please celebrate it by donating to your university’s student media department.

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