Kylie Hubbard

On Tuesday around 5:40 p.m., gunshots were heard on UNC Charolette's campus. A few minutes later, a “NinerAlert” confirmed, telling students to “Run, Hide, Fight. Secure yourself immediately.”

Soon after, the “Niner Times,” UNC Charolette's student news outlet, sprung into action, reporting the incident. Community Editor Alexandria Sands reported updates as they were provided and offered follow-up coverage later in the evening.

Today, I write in support of the “Niner Times,” the campus they serve and the community that is shaken. Being a reporter in crisis situations is not easy, let alone a student reporter that is under the same threat as those he or she is reporting are experiencing it.

The coverage was well-done, informative and just what students need. And, once again, they are students covering a shooting that infringed on students. They easily could have been the ones under attack on campus.

I also write for peace, as my thoughts are with them. A “Niner Times” sports writer, Drew Pescaro, was one of the six shot during the incident. The outlet has reported that Pescaro is out of surgery and reporting.

Please join us in supporting the student journalists at UNC Charolette and their community, as another tragedy strikes a college campus. 

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