Sarah Rainey Go Vols

2021-2022 Editor-in-Chief Sarah Rainey poses in front of Neyland Stadium using hand symbols to spell "VOL."

Happy Homecoming Week everyone!

Also, if you’re reading this on Nov. 10, it’s also a happy birthday to me! It’s pretty cool to share my 22nd birthday with this special Homecoming 2021 edition of the Beacon, and I am so glad we were able to put it together for you all.

In this edition, you’ll find a feature on what Homecoming really is, learn about the history of our beloved mascot Smokey, discover what the backstory of the Pride of the Southland Band is, hear from our sports editor on how the Tennessee versus Georgia matchup will play out and much more.

This is also our last special issue for the semester, and I cannot believe the semester is already coming to a close.

I am really looking forward to actually attending the Homecoming game this weekend. I will admit I am not a huge sports fan — and I have not attended a single football game this entire semester — but I thought it would be a good idea to actually experience my last ever Homecoming as a UT student.

I have not been to a football game since my sophomore year of college, prior to COVID-19, so it is definitely surreal that the next game I go to will be my last before I graduate.

It is hard to believe that I have made it to the end of college and that this is my last football game as a current Vol. I will be graduating in May, and although it seems like forever away, it will be here before we know it.

This Homecoming, I will be embracing UT traditions and truly immersing myself in what it means to be a Volunteer. I can’t wait to wear UT orange — although it is truly a horrendous color — at the game this Saturday and cheer on the Vols in what is sure to be a very ... interesting game.

Enjoy the rest of Homecoming week, everyone, and if this is your last-ever Homecoming like mine — I hope you have a fantastic time. And, because this is our last special issue of the semester, I hope everyone has a great end of the semester and that you get some much needed rest this upcoming holiday season.

All the best,

Sarah Rainey,


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