The misrepresentation of feminism will be the holistic downfall of the philosophy. Yes, philosophy.

Movements involve organizations using structure, resources and power to implement action, yet women have been powerless for centuries due to their inability to recognize their power. Philosophy, though, is a fundamental principle or idea an individual may oppose or approve, but philosophy never dies. We can dismantle a movement.

Women and men exhibit their support through hashtags, marches or even a tattoo across their forehead screaming, “I AM A FEMINIST,” yet their hysterical behavior showcases their ignorance. Self-benefiting morons transform feminism into a profitable branding statement, disregarding its true purpose of existence in society. Feminism is an ideology or a belief in the equality of all sexes and genders.

However, women with overbearing emotions break up with an ex and suddenly transform themselves into a “Radical Feminist.” Let’s talk about it.

Ancestral hard work paved the way for modern feminism, but radical feminists are too busy hating men to see it. For example, Leonora O’Reilly, a suffragist during the 20th century, displayed class, maturity and assertiveness when confronting an all-male committee on the ratification of the 19th amendment. O'Reilly paved the way for Kamala Harris’s presidential ticket, yet radical feminists lack awareness and overall intelligence to comprehend the power women possess.

In recent news, journalists and reporters dwell on the historical achievements of founding members such as Elizabeth Stanton or Lucy Stone, attempting to resurrect the value, honor and reputation lost because of radical feminists. Articles randomly surface, explaining the accomplishments of ancestors during the first wave of feminism, refusing to comment on the dishonorable acts fueling the philosophy's degradation.

Why? The answer is simple. No one wants to hear how the philosophy of feminism is failing and conforming to nothing more than a male-hate group.

Radical feminists believe society is a patriarchy dominated by men that is oppressing women, yet they do not know how to communicate their frustrations without throwing a tantrum. The assumption of women being overly emotional is further supported by the attitudes and responses of radical feminists.

They center modern feminism around being better than men, unknowingly applying self limitations. We should not limit ourselves to being better than men, who cares. Let’s eliminate the toxicity of radical feminists, and focus on women. The philosophy exists to uplift women, not to encourage a battle of the sexes.

When women allow the rudimentary principles of feminism to be misinterpreted due to misrepresentation by radical feminists, ignorance will surface and shirts with ‘MANISM’ smeared across them will prevail.

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