Before dismantling the systematic discrimination against gender identification, the burden of racism must be addressed through complex analysis and insightful resolutions. 

As a feminist, our number one priority above all is to ensure the representation of marginalized people, disregarding their race, gender, ethnicity or ancestral background. Therefore, establishing solutions to racism should be the duty of all feminists, left-wing feminists included, to increase the possibility of progression in other social issues occurring in our country. 

The 45th president of the United States, when questioned about hate groups and domestic terrorists known as white supremacists, he simply responded in these exact words, “stand by.” Stand by. 

During the Presidential Debate, he showcased his approval of racial inequities and injustices by displaying no remorse or concern for the well-being of minorities. Mr. Trump, by refusing to denounce white supremacy, not only encourages toxic racial tension, but also aligns himself with white supremacists and their primary goal to curtail the advancement of brown and black individuals. 

Therefore, we feminists need to modify our trajectory to assist with the continuous disrespect towards indigenous people. How can the elimination of gender roles be affirmed if racism is still prevalent in today’s society? Gender and racial intolerance are interchangeable and their impact on one another is inevitable. Adjudicating one social challenge will improve the injustices in the United States holistically. 

Currently, there are over 52 genders composed of multiple ethnicities and races. As feminists, combating the existence of inequalities pertaining to gender roles, we have to acknowledge the racial issues before we can prioritize women empowerment. Multiple feminists can be categorized as black and brown people, so racial discrimination is OUR problem collectively. 

How can women advocate for gender equality, while African Americans, Hispanics and other persons of color are not seen as valuable in the eyes of governmental officials? 

According to the Pew Research Center, 65% of minorities experience racism throughout their daily lives, including police brutality, prejudices deriving from white supremacists’ generalizations and stereotypes. Yet feminists continue to protest for gender equality and women empowerment. The focus should be on racial injustices, period. 

I am not advocating for the complete abolishment of the feminist philosophy. However, to ensure we reach our goal of gender equality, we have to involve ourselves with annihilating racial injustice. 

Modern feminism, as I stated in my previous article, has lost its value and morality. Partnering with Black Lives Matter (BLM) or any social group equipped with the objective of terminating systematic racism, can ensure we are utilizing our time wisely advocating for misrepresented people being oppressed by the system. 

Radical feminists do not understand that aspects of feminist philosophy and being activists--overtly opposing systematic racism--will in return give feminists a better perspective on the definition of feminism and what we represent - equality for all. 

To ensure that feminist philosophy is maintained, while achieving our goals of gender equality, we have to attack racial misfortunes. 

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