We, as a people, have elected the first African American, South Asian American female Vice President of the United States. 

Being an African American woman myself, I am honored to express my overwhelming gratitude and admiration for Kamala Harris.

While I was standing in line, awaiting my turn to vote, I imagined a world with a woman leading the damaged nation we call America. I felt the awkward stares and the cadences of doubt written on the faces of my fellow American citizens. Maybe it was my insecurity, considering it was my first time voting, yet I still felt alone and misplaced. 

Even though there were suspicious faces, I was too excited to concentrate on the emotions or concerns of others; I was practicing my natural born right to vote. 

One of the Vice Presidential candidates is a woman, therefore, I shall dedicate an article to her. 

African American women are continuously misrepresented throughout mainstream media, so, as an upcoming professional journalist, I will ensure accurate and honest coverage of Ms. Kamala Harris. 

Instead of reporting and communicating Harris’s diplomacy and political prestige, news anchors report trivial and unnecessary information about our Vice President. 

Examples of false female misrepresentation in the media can be showcased during the presidential election of 2016 involving Hillary Clinton. 

Headlines critiqued and enhanced the emotional state of Mrs. Clinton due to her being female as they wanted to create the illusion of an unstable and emotional woman. 

Hillary herself speaks on the abusive nature of the media when addressing women politicians. According to Reuters, women continuously receive pressure and backlash from the media, encouraging women to be more polite, while men continue to act any way they please. Also, a woman’s appearance matters excessively whereas a male’s physical looks are not considered when media outlets broadcast their daily news. 

Men rule the media and continue to write fake stories of women being incapable of political positions, yet their only fear is the power and competence of women. 

Due to the misogynistic egos and prideful personas of men, our nation has been divided and on the brink of war for centuries. Hopefully with the wisdom of women, we will restore the peace and reconciliation of America. 

 If you read my recent articles, you are aware of my constant criticism of the Feminist philosophy, exposing their incompetence surrounding the implementation of its fundamental principles. 

Now that Kamala has been elected, representing the progression of gender equality and the elevation of the female species, feminists have a duty to support and ensure we do our part to assist our woman Vice President of the United States. 

Kamyia Rivers is a Sophomore majoring in Political Science and Journalism. She can be reached at kamdrive@vols.utk.edu.

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