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LCS is about to go crazy. The Overwatch League Championships day one was insane. Call of Duty ended with its best viewership yet and is having a crazy offseason, which deserves its own independent piece on players’ unions.

All of these things happened during a time when many people are at home craving content, competition and entertainment. The Super Smash Bros and FGC events have all been delayed or cancelled. We can’t visit our friends or hang out at each other’s apartments to chill or game all day and night.

Maybe it’s these circumstances which have brought us to the current world of video games. Despite viewership for all of the big names being their largest ever, the biggest games right now involve friends, parties and jelly bean-like cuties with crazy costumes. Oh, and by the way, there are two of them. The biggest hit of the summer, in case you missed it, is the new wipeout style, “battle royale game,” Fall Guys.

The delightful little game involves you, the player, navigating a giant jelly bean (yes, they would be 6 ft tall if they existed IRL), in a crowd of 60 other delightful beans, around a variety of obstacle courses in a race to be the king of the hill or the last bean standing. Players can customize their look in a large variety costumes and neon color options.

The random nature of the game mode selections and the various team games incorporated make the game both a delight and the single most rage inducing, controller throwing, infinite screaming game to bless the modern console and PC collection. Curse you Yellow Team.

More surprising than the meteoric rise of these tiny jelly beans has been the astronomical success of another game, Among Us. The mafia/werewolf-like space game in which you are cast upon a ship with your crew trying to fix all of the problems except, oh wait, there is an imposter among you going on a murderous rampage.

You can’t speak to your crewmates except for when you all gather to try and figure out who the imposter is and cast them into space. The crew wins if all of the imposters are found or if they finish fixing the ship. The imposters win if all of the crew is brutally murdered. The game includes a ton of skin customizations for your little jelly bean -- like crew member and also includes hundreds of game mode setting choices allowing for infinite forms of playing the game or ramping up or down the difficulty.

Among Us has been around for a couple years, and even caught the developers off-guard with its sudden and recent success when they added online multiplayer. Having been picked up as a favorite for many an internet personality, the game’s success has exploded and prompted the developers to announce a second game  rebuilding everything to accommodate its wild success.

The fun thing is that these types of games aren’t really esports, are they? Yet people have started to get crazy competitive in them. Twitch Rivals has already hosted a Fall Guys event and I won’t be surprised to see them do an Among Us event very soon. Collegiate events are already in the works.

Though the games are very RNG-based and aren’t technically esports, we can all agree that not everything has to be in order to be super fun and competitive.

This was supposed to be the year of Valorant and all of Riot’s other upcoming titles. But no, this is the year of the jelly bean, and I am here for all of it. Now, can we please get college skins in these games.

UTK Esports is a student organization at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, interested in competing in and promoting collegiate and professional esports. If you have questions or would like to join and compete, please reach out to us at, or follow us on Twitter @utkesports.

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