Grant Mitchell and sundae

You may be able to tell at this point, but I have a penchant for loving retro-styled places. The Phoenix Pharmacy, located at 418 S Gay St, Knoxville, TN 37902, is no exception to this rule.

I love food. I refrain from drinking sugary drinks because it is my philosophy that I would rather get my caloric intake from hearty and filling foods, but when it comes to desserts this rule goes out the window along with any self-control I have.

What The Phoenix Pharmacy provides in this instance is the means of offering wonderfully sweet and flavorful milk shakes, floats and many other dessert-themed drink options to break my one food rule. Well, my one food rule that also includes no mushrooms or olives on anything I eat, but that is neither here nor there.

In addition to the classic dessert beverages, The Phoenix Pharmacy has a long list of sundaes, cakes and many other dessert choices available for customers. Even those with insatiable sweet tooth’s will feel as though they have met their match with all that The Phoenix Pharmacy has to offer.

Being the creature of habit that I am, I always order the most absurdly large brownie sundae I can get from Phoenix Pharmacy. What that looks like is in the above image at the top of this article.

And might I say that is not standard fudge you see drizzled atop the sundae, rather, it is melted milk chocolate, which they regularly offer, covering the towering dessert.

The Phoenix Pharmacy does not give customers small and overpriced desserts like many restaurants offer. Instead, Phoenix Pharmacy offers all customers the chance to have enormous, high quality, reasonably priced and delicious desserts in an amazing atmosphere.

There does not feel at all in any area that The Phoenix Pharmacy is lacking or taking the cheap route. In every instance I have been there, the employees have been polite, conversational, kind and provided the best service possible at what can be a very busy location especially on hot summer days.

Here’s where my love of the old school comes in.

The Phoenix Pharmacy is built like a classic 1950’s pharmacy, there is an ice cream counter, employees wear crisp white button-down dress shirts and there is an actual pharmacy to pick up medications from licensed pharmacists in the back.

Much like the marble tabletops in the dining area of The Phoenix Pharmacy, the foundation this dessert mecca is built on is comprised of a strong foundation of customers. A customer base that, like myself, love the aesthetic, classic style of dress, old world feel and delectable desserts provided at one of the more unique storefronts I have ever been in my entire life.

The Phoenix Pharmacy brings a level of professionalism and service that certainly feels of yesteryear as we rarely encounter such high quality in anything today.

The desserts are hearty, the ingredients the desserts are comprised of are top shelf, the service is beyond wonderful and the variety in items offered from the location is second to none.

This is the place to go on a hot summer’s day and cool winter’s night alike, as the ice cream and experience of eating and enjoying the desserts at The Phoenix Pharmacy is deserving of year-round attention and revisiting.

So when the dessert counter of The Phoenix Pharmacy reopens at an unspecified date, treat yourself to a delicious dessert and a memorable experience, go to The Phoenix Pharmacy.

Grant Mitchell is a junior majoring in public relations. He can be reached at

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