Marieve Elkins

Marieve Elkins

Joel Guy Jr. is a name that will haunt Knoxville for a very long time. For those that have not heard the story of what he did, you are in for a shock.

Joel Guy Jr. is a cruel murderer who cold-bloodedly killed and dismembered his parents for their money. Joel’s parents lived in Hardin Valley, so very close to all of us here at UT. Joel was a 28-year-old LSU undergraduate student in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Joel killed his parents for money. Nothing they had ever done for him mattered. In November of 2016, he came home from school for Thanksgiving. However, he was not there for a good family reunion but rather to brutally murder his parents.

When Joel learned that his parents would no longer be financially supporting him, he decided that plan was not going to work for him. His parents had life insurance, and he knew if they were to die, the money would go to him. So, he began to make a plan to fund himself.

Joel wrote all of his plans down in a notebook, down to every detail of his ‘perfect crime.’ He wrote that all of that money would be all his. He wrote down every single detail to his crime including some of the things he thought he may need.

The events of that day are disturbing to say the least, because not only did he kill them but he completely and diabolically dismembered both of his parents.

He began his plan by sending his mother out to the store to get his favorite ice cream. While she was gone, he killed his father. He planned on having him get down on the kitchen floor to look at the garbage disposal but ended up having to kill him upstairs. He proceeded to kill his father by stabbing him 42 times.

Before his mother came home, he cut his father’s arms and legs off. When his mother arrived at home, he attacked her as she came through the door — her groceries were still at the front door days later. He stabbed her 31 times and cut off her limbs as well. He also cut off her head and put it in a pot on the stove.

When the police were called to do a wellness check from a coworker of the mother, they saw something that they likely will never be able to forget. Many of the police officers that were on scene said that it was the worst thing they had ever seen in their lives.

This is almost impossible to fathom or believe. This case truly makes you wonder what is wrong with this man. The case closed a couple weeks ago, and he has since been sentenced to life in prison for the premeditated murder of his parents.

Marieve Elkins is a senior majoring in sociology with a criminal concentration. She can be reached at

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