Joshua Henninger

If you have a sweet tooth for barbecue, Sweet P’s is the place for you. Situated at 410 W Jackson Ave, northeast of campus, Sweet P’s has not only an excellent atmosphere, but also some excellent barbecue.

As with many other barbecue places, Sweet P’s has a wide arrangement of items to choose from, including brisket, pulled pork or chicken and ribs, among other things. Sides include the usual items such as mac n’ cheese, pinto beans and tater salad.

They also offer a couple intriguing dessert options, including chocolate chess pie, banana pudding and bacon chocolate chip cookies, with the caveat that you can get their banana pudding as a side or a dessert.

On top of all that they have a variety of specials depending on the day of the week, which are a nice change of pace, such as BBQ nachos or smoked meatloaf.

When I went to Sweet P’s, I got the pulled pork plate, which comes with two sides and a bun in case you want to make it a sandwich. I got mac n’ cheese and banana pudding for my two sides. A fountain drink does not come with the plate unfortunately, but I got one as well. The total was quite staggering, coming in at $14.08.

The pulled pork was all around excellent. The meat was extremely tender and the bread served with it was good. It was seasoned rather mildly, but I had no problem with that as they give you a choice of three sauces to choose from to go with your BBQ. They have a thin (vinegar-based), thick (tomato-based) and a hot sauce (thin sauce with chipotle).

They also have a signature dry rub, which you can get on your meat or your mac n’ cheese if you want. I got the rub on my mac n’ cheese, and it was very good. It has a nice spice and a savory taste to it. Added to the mac n’ cheese, it is an exquisite combination.

I chose the hot sauce to put on my pulled pork and found it to be very solid. It was not too spicy, but at a good medium point, which lifted the pulled pork sandwich up a notch. Overall, the pork was very high quality.

The sides were just as good. The mac n’ cheese was very creamy and soft. The taste was also cheesy, which sounds dumb, but you could tell they used real cheese to make it instead of powder like Kraft mac n’ cheese.

As I mentioned above, the rub takes the mac n’ cheese to a whole ‘nother level. I would go as far as to recommend getting double mac n’ cheese for your sides if you are unsure about the others.

The banana pudding was also high quality. The ratio of pudding, wafer and banana was perfect as none of those elements felt too overpowering in the pudding.

Overall, the sides were of the same caliber as the pork. A minor negative, as mentioned above, was the extra cost of the fountain drink. At $11 for a plate, I feel like a drink should have been included in the cost.

Also, a minor detail, but I was happy to see that they don’t have the Coke Freestyle machine. They had a normal soda machine instead of the Freestyle machine, and the soda tasted much better because of it.

The atmosphere inside of Sweet P’s was great. All the time I was there, I felt very laid back and relaxed.

They have music and TVs inside for entertainment while you enjoy your food. I found the lack of sound on the TVs and the music’s quiet volume to be nice touches. A common problem inside a lot of restaurants with music is that the music is often too loud, ruining the experience, but not Sweet P’s.

They also have seating downstairs and upstairs if you prefer to sit on the balcony. Both sets of seating are comfortable and relaxing.

Overall, Sweet P’s slaps. There’s no way around it. The price is a hard sell, but the quality of the food is so good that I would go out of my way to get it as much as I could.

Joshua Henninger is a freshman majoring in supply chain management. He can be reached at

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