Hello there, reader. Welcome to another edition of Scruffy City Simplified.

Today we’ll be discussing one of the classiest coffee shops in Knoxville: The French Market Creperie, specifically their location on Gay Street. Though there’s a good chance you’ve already heard about it if you’ve spent much time in Knoxville (everyone who’s ever been will tell you to go,) I hesitate to share my favorite homework spot. I guess we’re friends, though, so just don’t go stealing my table or anything. Incredible beverages, unbeatable snacks and a unique atmosphere cement this coffee shop’s spot among the greats.

Thought it brands itself as a creperie, and believe me, they’ve got the crepes — I tend to view The French Market as a coffee shop first. They’ve got all of the drinks in all of the flavors that you get at whatever coffee shop you’re currently going to and so much more. Exciting specialty coffee drinks, a variety of in-house flavored sodas, hot chocolate, teas and what appears to be a robust selection of adult beverages ensure that there is something for everyone here. Oh, and did I mention that they import Lavazza for all of their coffee drinks? It’s the most popular coffee in Europe.

The French Market’s menu also boasts an incredible variety of edible treats. While the croissants, baguettes, macarons, soups and salads are all excellent, nothing really comes close to the crepes. With over 40 sweet and savory crepes, one could easily visit The French Market all semester and only skim the surface of their tremendous menu.

While I’m guilty of only exploring a small chunk of this menu as a result of me just constantly craving the turkey, bacon, avocado and Swiss cheese crepe, I’ve yet to find anything I don’t like.

I also strongly recommend the roast beef and sautéed mushroom crepe, the Nutella dessert crepe and the bananas foster crepe. You really can’t go wrong, though, so you’ll do just fine ordering whatever sounds good.

The environment is also ideal for long homework sessions. Sometimes coffee shops can be filled with loud people, less-than-appealing music and too much hustle and bustle. The French Market tends to be the exact opposite, luckily.

I personally love the upstairs seating nook. While I usually bring headphones with me on public homework endeavors, I rarely end up using them here as their playlist of primarily French classics and jazz is perfect for focus and relaxation. This combines well with the cozy Parisian aesthetic to create an atmosphere unlike anything else in the Knoxville area.

I feel confident in saying that The French Market Creperie is one of the very best homework spots and coffee shops in Knoxville. I can’t recommend it enough. Maybe I’ll see you there soon. Au revoir!

Fulton Myrick is a sophomore at UTK this year majoring in journalism and cinema studies. He can be reached at rmyrick@vols.utk.edu.

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