BTS is a South Korean boyband composed of seven members that has been together for the past seven years. The group has broken multiple records, won countless awards and appeared on a variety of American shows to perform including Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show, America’s Got Talent and the Grammys. The group has won countless awards and honors including multiple AMA honors, MTV’s Best Music Video and Choreography and Billboard’s award for Top Social Artist. 

As their worldwide renown has grown exponentially over this COVID-19 season and the past few years, the group announced earlier this year that they would be releasing a self-produced album titled “BE” about the struggles of life during a time of uncertainty. 

Similar in spirit to their previous albums like the “Love Yourself” or “Map of the Soul” albums, BE will feature lyrical depth tackling mental health struggles, relationship difficulties and life across the album’s eight tracks. Unlike any of their previous albums, BE is entirely self-composed, written and produced by all members of BTS and includes songs featuring subunits of different members. In multiple interviews, the boys mentioned that the album was a collective work summarizing their emotions and thoughts from the past year of a quarantined and pandemic-based lifestyle. 

The album’s title track “Life Goes On” will be featured in a new music video set to release on the 20th of November, along with multiple live performances coming in the following weeks. According to the multiple teasers already released, “Life Goes On” will be a softer acoustic-based song about life continuing on despite the current state of the world. 

Each of the eight tracks on the new album has been written and produced by at least one member of the group, with multiple tracks showcasing each members’ vocal talents. The BE album will also be featuring subunits in a few of their new tracks like “Dis-ease,” “Stay” and “Fly to My Room.” According to an official release from Bighit Entertainment, “Dis-ease” is an old school hip-hop track featuring the rap-line, “Stay” is a unit track featuring RM, Jin and Jungkook and “Fly to My Room” is a subunit song featuring SUGA, j-hope, Jimin and V.

The newest album ‘BE’ by BTS will be released on November 20th, with a planned performance of the album’s title track “Life Goes On” at the 2020 American Music Awards.

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