Perry Davis

Gentlemen have you been keeping up with your goals? Have you lost a few pounds in the past few days or have your grades gone up? I hope they have, but if they have not it might be time to up the ante from what I told you last time.

If you have found yourself with a pit of anxiety in your stomach from the last excerpt now is the time to change things up. We are still going to be setting goals. Do not forget that for an instant.

I believe that it is one of the most important things in the world for not just men but also for anyone to have a defined goal. That goal will help you get up and moving in the morning and will put a bit of “pep in your step” so to speak, so here we go. 

Do you know how your brain works? The brain is a marvelous thing that has taken us to the moon and yet today we take it for granted. We can use it for big jobs like advancing humanity or we can use it for smaller tasks like playing on our phones all day.

In this challenge, I want you to write down a goal on a notecard and put it in your wallet. Do not write down or do anything until you are sure it is exactly what you want. Like last time, it can be quite literally anything. My personal challenge is going to the gym five days a week to exercise.

Now that we have that out of the way, throughout the day I want you to pull out that notecard and read it. Read it calmly and confidently. Make sure to keep the notecard in an easily accessible place that you can reach at any moment of the day.

Reading it will get the chemicals in your brain rushing in a sort of way that will help propel you towards your goal. Not only that, make sure to read it just after you get up in the morning and at night. The same principle with brain chemistry applies here too. If you stumble and fail to meet the criteria for your goal, you just have to start over again.

It does not matter if you were on day five and you suddenly forgot, you will have to begin all over again. The repetition of reading the card and staying persistent towards your goal will help you be more disciplined. Do this consistently for 30 days and I’m sure that you will find your mental and physical health in a much healthier state. 

Perry Davis is a senior majoring in studio art. He can be reached

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