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Super Bowl is synonymous with snack foods. Although I do really like football, the game would simply not be as fun if I could not graze the snack table, trying all of the different appetizers that everyone brought. By far the most popular type of food to bring to a Super Bowl watch party is chips and dip, and after trying quite a few different kinds of chips and dip on Sunday evening, I decided to give my ranking of dips from least favorite to favorite.

Not all of the dips included in this list were at my watch party, so I am not ranking my friends’ cooking abilities! Instead, I went to Pinterest and compiled the seven most popular dips to bring to a watch party, so these are my rankings:

7. Hot Crab Dip

This dip showed up on every Pinterest search I did, so evidently it is a pretty popular party dish, and while I am sure that this dip would be excellent somewhere near the coast, I will always and forever be skeptical of crab served anywhere in landlocked states, so I will always steer clear of crab at home. It cannot be trusted.

6. Seven-Layer Dip

What could be bad about layering sour cream, guac, salsa and cheese (among other things) in a dish? I put this one low on the list because this has just never been one of my favorites. The cold refried beans and severe lack of seasoning just leave a bad taste in my mouth (literally).

5. Salsa

Do not get me wrong, salsa is fantastic. Quite honestly, I could drink good salsa with a straw. However, I ranked it quite low on the list because the fact is that not all salsa is created equal, and bad salsa makes me sad — like, very sad.

4. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Ah, the football game classic. I personally know many people who would lay down their lives for Buffalo chicken dip, but I am just not that person. While I do think this stuff is great and have made it on quite a few occasions, there is so much that could go wrong with it if you are not the one that prepares it — incorrectly prepared or unseasoned chicken (pleasedo not boil it), too much or not enough buffalo sauce and god forbid bleu cheese be included. If done correctly, cream cheese, seasoned chicken and Buffalo sauce can be a magical combination

3. Guacamole

This fresh dip is an instant crowd-pleaser. It is impossible to be sad while eating guacamole — this is science. This versatile appetizer can be served with chips, vegetables, on top of chili, burgers or whatever your main food at the party is.

2. Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Cheese, spinach and soft artichoke hearts all baked together is an unbeatable combination, and you cannot change my mind about this. But cold spinach dip? No, forget that stuff.

1. Queso

If you know me, you know that my favorite food is cheese. Even if you do not know me, that is probably a fact that you have gathered from reading my columns. If there is queso at a party, that is what I am eating. White queso, Velveeta — I do not discriminate. Just give me a spoon and get out of my way.

I hope you enjoyed reading all of my unsolicited opinions on popular dips. If I left one of your favorites off my list, or if you have your own signature party recipe, please reach out and let me know! I will be happy to include it in a future piece. Additionally, if you think that I got something wrong, all it takes for me to change my opinion is for you to buy me some queso.

Lauren Adams is a senior studying Spanish and political science with a minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. She can be reached at

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