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Dear Friends and Supporters of Sex Week,

As you may know, the University of Tennessee has announced that all events will be cancelled due to concern over the spread of COVID-19. Given that Sex Week 2020 (March 30 - April 3) falls in this timeframe, we have decided on a course of action regarding the rescheduling of Sex Week 2020. Worry not – Sex Week has survived eight years of constant turmoil, and we will continue through this.

While it’s unfortunate that we were unable to follow up 2019’s inflammatory comptroller’s report with a week of quality programming this year, be assured that this does not mean Sex Week is over, and we’re excited to continue offering our programming whenever it is safe to come to UT’s campus and enjoy all of the student-led activities and programming it has to offer.

Right now, our concerns are with the personal health of the community and the world at large, so we encourage all readers to follow social distancing guidelines and remain safely at home during this difficult time. We can all do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19 through staying at home and abiding by the recommendations of the CDC.

We’re all in this together, and the way we’ll be able to get through this is by staying together and taking responsibility for the health of our community.

We have decided that, rather than hosting a Sex Week immediately before finals, we are going to move Sex Week 2020 to the fall semester and combine it with our annual Red Zone programming. We are very excited about all the possibilities this opens up, as we will be able to reach more freshmen and make a big impact this fall.

Upon students’ eventual return to campus, we eagerly anticipate a slate of events and programming organized through collaborations on campus and in the Knoxville community with organizations such as Planned Parenthood of Middle & East Tennessee, the Planned Parenthood Generation Action Council on campus, the Knox Family Justice Center, the Knoxville Center Reproductive Health, UT Recycling, the Pride Center and more.

When we are eventually able to return to Rocky Top and enjoy all that our campus has to offer, SEAT anticipates another exciting week full of the in-depth and comprehensive sex education we have always offered through our programming.

We have nothing but endless gratitude for our dedicated supporters at UT, the Knoxville community and throughout the nation who have heard about us and contributed to our mission of providing comprehensive and quality sex education that students may not have received before coming to our campus.

We will provide updates about our plans as soon as we have them on our social media, @SEATUTK, and on our website, sexweekut.org. In the meantime, we will continue accepting donations through GoFundMe at gofundme.com/sw2020, Venmo @Sex-Week and Cashapp $SexWeekUTK.

Thank you for your continued support. Let’s keep talking about it.


Sydney Peay and Gwendolyn Frymier

2019-20 Co-Chairs of Sexual Empowerment and Awareness at Tennessee

Do you have a question about sex, sexuality, or relationships? You can ask us to find you accurate and reliable information from experts by tweeting @SEATUTK, direct messaging @Sexweekut on Facebook or submitting a question to our anonymous Google form.

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