Mollie Chambers

On Oct. 14, 2008, Casey Anthony was accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony. The severity of the accusations against the mother caused a media frenzy.

For many of us, Casey Anthony became a household name when the details of her case hit the airwaves. The entire nation seemed to be captivated with every detail.

I can personally recall my mother being infatuated by this case. Anytime her trial was being aired, like many other Americans, my mother was glued to the TV.

While Casey was found not guilty, many of those who have kept up with her case, including myself, believe that this verdict was wrong.

With all evidence considered, here are my top five reasons why I believe Casey Anthony is guilty:

1. Caylee was missing 31 days before Casey reported her missing

Casey’s parents became worried for their granddaughter’s safety after not seeing her for a month. After relentlessly questioning Casey, she admitted that she had not seen her own daughter for over a month.

Casey claimed that the last time she had seen Caylee was after dropping her off with her nanny. Casey insisted that she had been conducting investigation on the whereabouts of her daughter on her own but had still not found her.

For me, this piece of evidence raises a huge red flag. Had Casey’s parents not questioned her about Caylee’s whereabouts, nobody would have ever known about her disappearance. Casey was clearly keeping this secret to cover up her own actions. Had she really wanted to find her daughter, she would have reported her disappearance immediately.

2. Casey Anthony is a pathological liar

Even before the death of her daughter, Casey was known to be a liar, and there was no shortage of lies throughout the progression of her trial.

Remember the nanny Casey said Caylee was last seen with? Yeah, she’s not real.

Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez or “Zanny,” as Casey called her, turned out to be a total lie. Casey kept up with this lie for three years until her lawyer announced on the opening day of her murder trial that Casey had been lying. Her reason for lying was to cover up Caylee's accidental drowning in the family swimming pool. She claims she lied to avoid life in prison.

This new version of Casey’s alibi caused her to completely throw her father under the bus. She said the reason she lied was because her father convinced her that she would spend life in prison if she didn’t. Casey’s father completely denied this entire scenario when questioned in court.

I believe that this new scenario is still Casey lying to cover up her actions. Seeing that Casey’s first story in this case was a lie discredits the rest of the stories she tells.

3. The “death-like” odor in Casey’s car

Casey had been driving a car in her parents’ name at time of Caylee's disappearance. Because of this, when Casey’s car was impounded, it was up to her father to go retrieve it.

When retrieving the car, both the impound worker and Casey’s father smelled a horrific odor that they both described as “death-like.” However, when opening up the trunk of the car there was no dead body but merely a bag of trash.

Scientist later reported that there were traces of chloroform in the car as well as evidence that a decomposing body had once been inside Casey’s car.

It is very apparent that this bag of trash was placed in the trunk by none other than Casey Anthony. I believe that she did this in order to cover up the true cause of the smell — her daughter’s dead body.

4. Caylee’s remains were found near the Anthony’s home

The remains of Caylee Anthony were found in a wooded area near the Anthony family’s home. Her remains were inside a trash bag, and her skull had been duct-taped near her mouth. There were also traces of chloroform found in her hair.

The condition in which Caylee's remains were found do not add up to the death Casey claims Caylee underwent. Why is there duct-tape on the mouth of a girl who accidentally drowned in a pool?

The fact that Caylee’s remains were found so close to the Anthony home is also a noteworthy detail because it shows just how careless Casey Anthony is. She practically buried her daughter in her own backyard.

5. Searches on Casey’s computer

During Casey’s trial, Google searches were found on her computer containing phrases such as chloroform, chest trauma, internal bleeding, how to make Chloroform and neck breaking.

During questioning, Casey Anthony’s mother tried to defend Casey by taking the blame for searching chloroform on the computer. However, her mother’s work records showed that she was at work when the searches were made.

Casey’s mother trying to cover for her daughter clearly means she knew Casey was guilty. I think this piece of evidence also shows a shift in the dynamics of this case. At the beginning of this trial I believed that Casey was the only one guilty, but now it seems as though Casey’s parents can lie just as much as their daughter can.

Aside from the actions of Casey’s mother, the computer searches make Casey look extremely guilty. As I mentioned before, this is just another example of Casey being extremely careless, and it has convinced me that she is guilty.

This case was a hot mess from beginning to end for me. Casey dug herself deeper into her own lies as the trial progressed, and to the disbelief of many, including myself, she got away with it.

The most important takeaway from this is that Caylee Anthony died a tragic death that nobody deserves. I hope that one day, for her sake, justice can finally be served.

Mollie Chambers is a freshman majoring in journalism and electronic media. She can be reached at

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