Mollie Chambers

On Feb. 19, 2020, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an AMBER Alert for 15-month-old Evelyn Boswell. While Boswell was reported missing on Feb. 19, she has not been seen since December 2019.

Considering Evelyn is missing out of Sullivan County, her disappearance is one that hits close to home for myself and presumably many other UT students. However, the circumstances surrounding Evelyn’s disappearance have also caught the attention of many major news outlets, meaning all eyes are on this case.

Seeing as though Evelyn’s case has only been open for a little under a month, it is hard for me to piece together a story theory regarding her whereabouts. However, I have outlined the most puzzling pieces of evidence thus far:

1. Evelyn’s disappeared nearly two months before it was reported

On Feb. 18, Evelyn’s grandfather Tommy Boswell called the Department of Children’s Services to voice his concern regarding his granddaughter's whereabouts. Boswell claimed he had not seen Evelyn since Thanksgiving and persisted that something was wrong.

When questioned, Evelyn’s mother Megan Boswell claimed that her mother had taken Evelyn. She told police she failed to report her daughter missing because her mother threatened her.

Megan’s story regarding why she never reported her daughter missing does not add up. She claimed to be threatened by her mother but was very forthcoming with information after being questioned by police. This raises major red flags and is not a good look for Evelyn’s mother.

2. Megan’s inconsistent stories

Megan’s web of lies began when she was first questioned about Evelyn’s whereabouts. She claimed that her mother Angela Boswell took Evelyn to a campsite in Mendota, Virginia. However, upon further investigation this story turned out to be untrue.

Megan also told a local news station in an interview that she was pregnant, therefore she could not take a polygraph test. It was later revealed that not only was Boswell not pregnant, she was never even asked to take a polygraph test.

Bowell’s lying spree was cut short on Feb. 25, as she was arrested and charged with one count of False Reports.

I tried to empathize with Boswell when news of Evelyn’s disappearance first broke, however now all my empathy is gone. I have no respect for a mother who continually lies while her child is missing.

3. Body of a toddler found on family property

On March 6, the remains of a one year old were found on the property where Evelyn lived along with her mother and other family members in Blountville, Tennessee.

The body was dressed in the same outfit that the missing toddler was last seen in. Other items such as children’s clothing, toys and diapers were also found on the property. These findings came out very recently, and it has not yet been confirmed if the body is Evelyn’s.

This discovery is by far the most significant in this case thus far, but it is truly heartbreaking.

Evelyn’s disappearance has been on my mind since the day I received the AMBER Alert. While I believe it is too early in the investigation to form a clear-cut theory it is obvious, regardless of who is responsible, that Evelyn was wronged.

As I continue to keep up with this devastating case, I can only hope that justice for Evelyn is served.

Mollie Chambers is a freshman majoring in journalism and electronic media. She can be reached

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