Marieve Elkins

Marieve Elkins

Most of us probably have our own opinions when it comes to the death penalty. Some may think it should never be an option and others follow the “an eye for an eye” philosophy. Personally, I am unsure where I stand. 

Do I think it can be cruel? Yes. However, do I also think in some circumstances it is okay and sometimes necessary? Yes.

What made me really start thinking about this topic was when I heard about the “Hollywood Ripper“ on the news and his death sentence. I am sure most of you have probably heard of him, but just in case I will give some brief background. His name is Michael Gargiulo and he is believed to have between three and 10 victims. He brutally killed each of his victims, including leaving them with multiple stab wounds. One of his more known victims was Ashley Ellerin, Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriend at the time, who was stabbed 47 times. 

The Hollywood ripper was convicted on Aug. 15, 2019. He was later sentenced to death for his punishment. Despite this, in March 2020 his sentence has been delayed because of defense motions in court.

Personally, I believe that the Hollywood Ripper should be in prison for the rest of his life. 

Why do I think this? I do not think that this horrible man should be allowed to come back into society as a functioning member. I believe he should suffer in prison, just as his victims suffered. Many may say he does not deserve the death penalty or that it is him getting off easy, but is death ever really the easy way out?

Some also believe that the death penalty is cheaper than keeping someone in prison, but in actuality, putting some to death costs more taxpayer dollars.

So, what would you do in this situation? Do you follow the eye for an eye idea or do you punish him for a longer period of time?

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