Evan Mays

Evan Mays is a senior at UT studying social work.

What’s up Rocky Top? My name is Evan Mays (he/him/his). I am a senior studying social work with a minor in social justice, and I am thrilled to be starting a column for The Daily Beacon. If you are a follower of the publication, you may recognize my name from my previous work as a staff writer and digital media creator. 

Over the past few months, our country has made too many wrong turns. We have made one more step forward to banning abortion in America. We have banned books from schools and LGBTQ+ issues from classrooms. We have witnessed Black people being murdered in a supermarket and, only days later, elementary school kids gunned down in their classroom. 

For many, it may seem like hope is lost and we are beyond recovery. But I disagree. For years, I have heard politicians claim that our country is at a crossroads, and for the first time, I agree. We all have a choice to make – sit back or stand up and make our voices heard. And I have decided to make my voice heard. 

Now, you may be wondering, why would anyone care what a 21-year-old college student has to say? Well, they should, because we are the future leaders of our country. For years we have been governed by aging politicians who are out of touch with the course of our nation.

But a new generation of leaders is coming to fruition, and I decided that I wanted to start a conversation about what that generation looks like and what we need to stand for. We can create a better future for everyone. We simply have to be brave enough to try. 

So, follow along with me as I navigate hot topics through the eyes of Generation Z and discuss America’s path forward.


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