Alyssa Woodard

Will life ever be the same? That seems to be the question looming over all of our heads.

It can be said without question that COVID-19 has caused a great shift in our lives and we’ve had to find a new normal. 

A few positives that the COVID-19 pandemic brought about were the seemingly top tier musical releases of 2020!

Arguably, artists from all genres of music have been releasing some of their best works. It seems that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought about a large wave of creativity!

This is even evident in the sudden surge of new small businesses that have been started during this pandemic. While many retail stores suffered from having to close their in-person locations, it seems that small businesses that are run from home are in luck!

Shopping with small businesses was arguably one of the best investments I made during the pandemic. I would urge each of you to do the same!

This pandemic has given rise to new crafts and learning opportunities. Whether that's by way of learning new skills or even taking time to binge-watch a series that you never thought you’d be interested in. 

During this pandemic, I furthered my craft in nail art, started a workout routine and even strengthened my relationship with family and friends. 

Recently one of my favorite sudden happenings of the pandemic was being able to watch music videos and listen to music that played a large part in my childhood. With the added distractions of the world around me suddenly muffled, I’ve been able to go down memory lane and remember the world before COVID-19.

If the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s been that we shouldn’t take the world and those around us for granted. We never know the next time we’ll be able to speak to them again, or rather, speak to them without six feet between us.

If you haven’t done so, I would urge you to find out where your passions lie. What makes your heart beat a mile a minute at the mere thought of it? What excites you to your core? What would you risk everything for?

Once you have the answer to those questions, you should pursue that passion with all you have. Those things will be what gets you through some of the hardest days of this world we all live in.

One day the world may heal and return to its former glory, or it could not. Regardless of what happens, we are in control of the trajectory of our lives. 

Besides, why dwell on the past when the future is at our mercy and is ready to be explored! There are always two sides to every coin.

Alyssa Woodard is a sophomore majoring in Interior Architecture. She can be reached at

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