Alyssa Woodard

Snowflakes and noodles seem to be the admission tickets into the gateways of love.

Recently the world of social media has become fascinated with how, rapper and member of the group Migos, Quavo and solo artist Saweetie started their romantic relationship. The pair is known for their publicly affectionate relationship, oftentimes being labeled “relationship goals.”

Recently, Quavo released the messages he sent to Saweetie when he initially started showing his interest in her. He released the messages by way of a recent Twitter trend started by what’s known as “Relationship Twitter.”

The trend is called “How it started vs How it's going,” and many people will show the beginning stages of their relationship and the current state of it through the trend.

In Quavo’s first message, he decided to keep it short and simple. He showed his undying interest by sending a simple snowflake emoji. While very simple, it does fit according to Saweetie’s branding. Her rap persona is “Icy girl,” and it seems the snowflake emoji was just enough to get her attention.

In response to his initial message, Saweetie had a short and sweet response of her own, a noodle emoji.

While these messages were only mere emojis, they were just enough to kickstart the relationship that many people know and love today.

Now social media users have taken to the DMs of their crushes and decided to send snowflakes and noodles of their own. Now a multitude of celebrities have taken to complaining about the unbearable amount of snowflakes appearing in their DMs.

If you have someone you’re too afraid to actually “shoot your shot” at, try sending them a snowflake emoji. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee a noodle emoji in response. However, since this process is completely virtual, who cares about rejection!

The unfortunate scenario would be if you decide to send a snowflake to someone who has already sent a snowflake to someone else.

In this case, I would admonish you to attempt to unsend the message if you have the opportunity, though this feature is seen only through Instagram. The alternative would be to take the loss in stride and start looking at other prospects to send snowflakes to.

While it would be nice to stick to the script that Quavo and Saweetie have created for us, try to add your own twist to the conversation. Now would be a great time to showcase your personality and personal charms!

Even if the conversation doesn’t end in the way you anticipated, you could use this chance to leave a lasting impression on your person of choice! Who knows, they may not like you now but the entertaining conversation could cause them to look at you in a different light!

Even if you don't have a specific person in mind, who's to say you can't just send a snowflake to get a conversation started!

Alyssa Woodard is a junior majoring in Interior Architecture. She can be reached at

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