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Welcome back, tourists.

With increasing access to pretty much every kind of music through the internet and various music streaming services, it feels as though there is a soundtrack for pretty much every point in a person’s life. Now, instead of borrowing CDs, people are sharing playlists on Spotify and YouTube.

I have said it before, and I am here to say it again. Anime has a number of amazing soundtracks with plenty of “banger” tracks, as the kids say, as well as many slower and more reflective moments. Today, I want to share more of those worthwhile soundtracks. Here is a content warning for some of the descriptions below!

“Wonder Egg Priority” - Music by De De Mouse

Those who follow seasonal anime might already be familiar with this new addition to the magical girl genre that recently took the community by storm. “Wonder Egg Priority” follows a group of girls who are transported to a dream world in order to rescue their friends who have died of suicide. The strange and dark nature of the show’s story and animation flows into the series’ soundtrack, courtesy of De De Mouse

The 42-year-old music producer pulled no punches on this project, taking his signature electronic music style and turning it up to 11. From the first episode to the latest, there is a sort of kinetic energy that permeates the entire work. For the best example of this, check out episodes three and four. While it might be confusing, it will definitely be exciting.

“Bleach” - Music by Shiro Sagisu

“Bleach” is an anime with a long and complicated history in terms of its quality. However, one element of the show that always felt underappreciated was its soundtrack. There are, of course, many openings that are worth talking about, especially its first one “Asterisk” by Orange Range. However, composer Shiro Sagisu knows how to capture the show’s unique flare.

The show’s long run time also brought with it a much longer than usually soundtrack. While there are, of course, the occasional more generic sounding songs, songs like “Ichigo’s Theme” help to carve out the show’s identity and give it that extra bit of hype that every good shounen anime needs.

“Your Name” - Music by RADWIMPS

Maybe it is unfair to compare television anime soundtracks with that of movies, but it would be an absolute tragedy to not recommend at least one movie from Makoto Shinkai, as his films are pretty much all about the experience. After all, it would not be a Shinkai film without the vocal and instrumental backing of RADWIMPS.

The J-Rock group has been around since the turn of the millennium but got international acclaim after their work on “Your Name” — and for good reason. Their unique brand of J-rock is both energetic and musically progressive, building on itself constantly until it reaches a fantastic peak. The film would have been much worse off were it not for this group, and it is definitely good car ride material.

It can be hard to find good music given just how much is available, but for those who are up for trying something new, there are plenty of anime soundtracks worth exploring.

Jack Scheibelein is a Junior majoring in English. He can be reached at sgx199@vols.utk.edu.

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