To the Editor:

I do not mean to write a condescending letter that criticizes you or the job you do. I just would like to bring to your attention the fact that you are not discussing everything that UT students are involved in. Your back page is filled every week with endless amounts of sports information about the NCAA and varsity sports on campus. What about the clubs? I have been the coach for the UT Club Rowing team for two years. There has not been one article written about our team or what we do. We have won numerous golds and have gone to many nationally-recognized regattas, but our own school knows nothing about the hard work our rowers put into the boats every day. I also think other sports such as our nationally-ranked lacrosse team, our water polo team and rugby team deserve to be recognized. And let me add, these rowers and lacrosse players practice every day, with no scholarship money, no free sweatshirts, no free trips to Arizona. We pay our own way for almost everything. These athletes deserve to be recognized for their effort, even if they don't bring home any National Championship title. They are still Vols.

Andy Stern

Head coach of the UT Club Rowing

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