A group of social workers have created a website to help recovering addicts find sober roommates.

The website, “MySoberRoommate.com” was launched two months ago in Los Angeles, California.

The website was started after the co-founders worked with clients to find sober living situations but found no online services to help.

Through the new website, users may create a profile and can narrow their roommate matches by criteria such as region, as well as other preferences.

“In my experience, the people who are in recovery tend to do better when they’re living with like-minded individuals,” said Jesse Sandler, a co-founder of my Sober Roommate, said. “The worst living situation that a recovering addict could have is living with someone who is not sober or living alone. They need others to support them in their effort to stay clean.”

The website is free to use, and members only give their contact information when they want to. Members can communicate with other members before moving in to see if they would be a good match.

Even though the website has only been active for two months, My Sober Roommate already contains over 1,000 active members, including some in Tennessee.

Sandler, who works with young adults who are recovering addicts, shared the inspiration of the website.

Sandler said the idea for the website came when he would work with his clients to find sober living situations and there was nothing on the internet to help.

Sandler added that the website is being used all over the country. A potential member may contact them if their region is not currently available.

“I have known addicts, and it is really difficult for them to be around people who are not sober when they are recovering,” said Darren Foster, a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major at the University of Tennessee.

A majority of the website’s users are in southern California, because that is where the company is located. The first regions that were on the site when the website launched were major cities such as New York and Chicago.

The company’s goal is to be the go-to site for recovering addicts looking for sober living situations. Membership can be acquired only if the prospective member has committed to a sober lifestyle, either because they are a recovering addict or for other reasons.

My Sober Roommate is expanding daily and is adding new members each week.

This story has been modified from its original version, published on Sunday, August 21st. The original version implied that the founders were clinical psychologists. It has been changed to state that they are social workers.

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