WHAT’S UP VOL NATION! It’s time for the Weekly Wrap-Up with Lexi O’Haver---- @Lexi_ohaver Catch up on everything that happened this week on UT's campus!

On Tuesday, the Big Orange Welcome was hosted on pedestrian walkway. This event was held by the orientation leaders and aimed to teach new students about the history of the Torchbearer, and what it truly means to be a Vol.

On Wednesday, the OIT Department hosted a virtual seminar to help students create a LinkedIn profile. The seminar was held as a one on one consultation where students could have their profiles reviewed and receive feedback.

On Thursday, graduate and professional students were invited to the Smokies stadium to be celebrated and network. The event was held during the game and ran by the Center for Student Engagement.

On Friday, an event highlighting local artists and bands was hosted at 7pm in the Student Union. Free food was provided to all the students who came to support the local talent.

Thanks for watching! Tune in next week for another weekly wrap-up.

Shot by Lexi O’Haver

Edited by Sami Roebuck

Script by Lexi O’Haver

Thumbnail by Sami Roebuck

Graphics by Sami Roebuck


"High Life" by Duffmusiq


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