WHAT’S UP VOL NATION! It's springtime in Tennessee, and it’s time for the Weekly Wrap-Up with Sami Roebuck---- @sami_whamiii Catch up on everything that happened this week on UT's campus!

On Wednesday, the Alumni Affairs Department hosted an event called “Virtual Dinner with 12 Vols.” Students were able to meet with alumni from across the country to ask them questions about what life is like after graduation.

On Thursday the Center for Student Engagement hosted a “Pop-Up Penny Tee Workshop.” 30 students were able to sign up for the event and pop;) in to create a funny t-shirt with any two word phrase of their choosing.

On Friday, Trecs hosted an outdoor movie night. The event started at 8, showing the movie jumanji. Students were able to sit outside on the Trecs’ turf to enjoy the show. They also had a giveaway for attendees to enter and potentially win.

Also on Friday, The Campus Events Board hosted Artist’s Alley, which is a recurring event that showcases student’s artwork. The event was held in the su plaza and went on from 1-3.

Today the Dean of Students hosted “Dogs with the Deans,” where they gaveaway free hotdogs and other items to kickstart I Heart UT Week. The event went on from 11:30-12:30 in the Student Union Plaza.

That's all I have this week, thanks for watching, be sure to tune in next Monday to see Lexi wrap it up.

Thanks for watching! Tune in next week for another weekly wrap-up.

Shot by Lexi O’Haver

Edited by Sami Roebuck

Script by Sami Roebuck

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Graphics by Sami Roebuck


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