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Understandably, it’s difficult to picture a summer indoors. We all hope to be out of quarantine by the time summer comes around, but at this point, there’s still a lot of uncertainty. 

While we may not be able to go to the beach or attend summer birthday parties, here’s a short list of ways to make the most out of summer break if quarantine isn’t lifted. It certainly wouldn’t be ideal, but we can try to make the best of it

Tan in your backyard

One of the best ways to make the most out of quarantine is to spend time outside. Find any space outside that you have (backyard, front yard, balcony) and lay out a towel and spend some time in the sun. Throw on some Beach Boys and pretend you’re relaxing on a beach vacation. Everyone can use some Vitamin D during this time.

Read new books

This goes hand in hand with tanning. For me, there’s no better feeling than sitting outside, listening to the sounds of nature, immersed in a new book. Even sitting inside and reading by a window is a great way to feel peaceful amidst this stressful time.

Themed dinners

As college students, I’m sure some of us are quarantining with other people, such as family or roommates. On social media, people have been posting about having themed dinners with their families, such as 80’s themes, vacation-themed and some have even held Tiger King-themed dinners and dressing up accordingly.

While we may not be able to enjoy dinner parties with extended family and friends, dressing up is a way to add some fun to something as simple as eating dinner.

Movie marathons

Now is the perfect time to watch long series of movies, such as “Harry Potter,” “The Avengers” or “Star Wars.” In the summer spirit, a fun way to enjoy watching movies is to watch them outside. With just a simple laptop and projector setup, it’s easy to project movies onto a wall or sheet to soak up the warm weather while watching your favorite movies.

Spend time exercising

One of the most effective ways to spend any time in quarantine, but especially in the summertime, is to exercise. Exercise does not always have to be intense; it can be anything you want it to be, such as yoga, cardio, or strength training. Exercise can help us to get moving and feel motivated to accomplish something during the day. Running or biking outside, as permitted, is another great option.

So, when we think about the possibility of spending summer in quarantine, it’s important to stay positive. Try to spend as much time outside in nature as you are able (in your own personal outdoor space, of course) and make the best of this less-than-ideal situation.

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