As the coronavirus outbreak continues to keep us trapped inside, many of us are experiencing the natural desire to get out. There’s only so many video games to play or books to read at home before one starts to suffer from cabin fever. With that in mind, here are some virtual tours you can take from the comfort of your home:


The Louvre

One of the world’s most famous museums, the Louvre is offering four tours to the public free of charge: The Advent of the Artist, Egyptian Antiquities, Remains of the Louvre’s Moat and the Galerie d’Apollon.

The Vatican

The Sistine Chapel, Room of the Chiaroscuri and Raphael’s Rooms are just some of the places you can view in 360 degrees on the Vatican’s free virtual tour.

The British Museum

Experience hundreds of pieces ranging from 2,000,000 BC to the present day in the British Museum’s interactive tour.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

From dinosaur fossils to the Hope Diamond, experience the entirety of the Natural History Museum in this comprehensive tour.


The Langley and Glenn research centers are both on display in virtual tours online. You can also experience the Houston Space Center — and the galaxy — through its mobile app.

Zoos & Aquariums:

Atlanta Zoo

Looking for some ursine company? The Atlanta Zoo’s live Panda Cam is sure to keep you sane during this time of confinement.

Georgia Aquarium

Not to be outdone by the Atlanta Zoo, the Georgia Aquarium offers livestreams of its sea otter, beluga whale, piranha and African Penguin habitats, among others.

The National Aquarium

The National Aquarium in Baltimore offers a complete tour of its facility in 360 degrees.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

With several livestreams available to the public, you can choose to spend your day with the aquarium’s penguins, otters, sharks, turtles or a variety of birds. There’s even a stream of the bay itself.

San Diego Zoo

Watch koalas, giraffes, apes, tigers and elephants in this zoo’s array of livestreams.

Houston Zoo

The Houston zoo streams live feeds of many animals, including the rhino, gorilla and elephant habitats.

Google Arts and Culture:

In addition to the sites listed above, Google Arts and Culture has partnered with thousands of museums to digitize their collections. The Guggenheim, Rijksmuseum and J. Paul Getty Museum are just some of the institutions that you can experience today.

Google’s Street View project also offers tours of several famous landmarks and monuments like the Taj Mahal, Colosseum, Palace of Versailles and Pyramids of Giza.

If that wasn’t enough, Google has also partnered with the National Parks Service to bring five parks to life. The parks include the Kenai Fjords of Alaska, Hawaiian Volcanoes, Carlsbad Caverns of New Mexico, Bryce Canyon in Utah and Dry Tortugas in Florida.

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