Jo Jorgenson

Those looking for more options than Trump or Biden in the 2020 election rejoice: the Libertarian party’s candidate might just be your choice.

This cycle, Jo Jorgenson is the presidential nominee of the Libertarian party. Her running-mate is Jeremy “Spike” Cohen, and the duo have secured their spot on the ballot in all 50 states.

Jorgenson is relatively unknown. Yes, she is a presidential nominee, but few people are given access to her via the mainstream media.

First of all, Jorgenson holds a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from Clemson University. A mother of two, Jorgenson is also a businesswoman, having been the president and sole owner of a software development company.

In 1992, she was the party’s candidate for South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District and, subsequently in 1996, was the party’s vice-presidential nominee on the Harry Browne ticket.

Jorgenson wants to maximize personal freedoms, and health care is one of those avenues. Through economic agency — competition in health care — Jorgenson believes she can reduce costs by up to 75% when it comes to your next hospital bill.

“‘Medicare for All.’ What I hear is, ‘V.A. Hospital for All.’ Here in the United States, not only is the one-size-fits-all V.A. the closest thing we have to a single-payer model, but it is also among the worst of our health-care systems,” Jorgenson said.

She compares health insurance to if your auto insurance paid for gas, oil changes and washes. The difference is expected cost versus an unexpected cost. Rather, a free market system, just like in other insurance models, would be the most beneficial for Americans. Cohen echoes these sentiments. 

“Today insurance is expensive because it covers all care. If we paid for routine health care out of pocket, while using insurance to cover only catastrophic claims, we would see a dramatic drop in costs,” Cohen said. “Even caring for those who have very little would save taxpayers over half the cost.”

As for criminal justice, Jorgenson again sees plenty of flaws in the current system. She is appalled by our rate of imprisonment and the federal government’s ability to seize citizen assets without conviction.

“As President, I will . . . pardon persons convicted of non-violent victimless crimes. I will also work with congress to end the failed war on drugs and other victimless crime laws,” Jorgenson said.

In essence, Jorgenson wants to decriminalize the possession of substances such as marijuana and allow it for responsible, at-home use. However, she affirms DUI charges would remain in effect, because of the potential danger it can cause to others just like if it were alcohol.

Though Jorgenson opposes the Green New Deal due to the price tag it would impose on the American people, she does have her own environmental policies in mind.

Essentially, she wants to take it out of the government’s hands and stimulate more competition into the energy market. She believes current government subsidies in the energy market have made it too difficult for competition in alternative energy to emerge.

By ending what she sees as corporate welfare, she seeks to level the playing field to allow for innovation in energy, for the market to develop cleaner, safer and cheaper methods of energy production. For her, she promotes the expansion of nuclear energy.

“We cannot leave as important a priority as our environment to a government that can’t even deliver mail on time,” Jorgenson said.

She is opposed to the amount of needless spending the US does and would veto anything Congress did to try and increase the debt ceiling, borrow more money or lead to a budget deficit. Furthermore, she would slash government agencies she sees as unnecessary, including the IRS.

“Imagine if people had an additional $3,000 at their disposal because they are no longer being robbed of their income by the IRS,” Cohen said.

One aspect of spending and governmental insertion she seeks to end is much of our oversees involvement. While she believes our military strength should be maintained to defend our sovereignty, she wants to end our involvement in foreign wars, bring all soldiers home and end military aid imposed by warmongers in Congress that cost the money and lives of American people.

“My plan is to turn America into one giant Switzerland, armed and neutral, with the military force to defend America’s shore and soil against any foreign attackers or invaders, protected by an armed citizenry, and a military laser-focused on defending America,” Jorgenson said.

In comparison to the Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Jorgenson finds that she has all the business savvy and political acumen necessary and claims neither candidate represents policies that are the best for America.

Of course, those interested in her can visit her campaign website and look in detail at every policy she’s outlined: taxes, education, COVID-19, all the works.

“Don’t settle for the lesser of two evils, choose good,” Jorgenson said in a campaign video.

Currently, Jorgenson and Cohen are travelling the country campaigning and holding rallies while following social distancing protocols. 

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