Howie Hawkins

Howie Hawkins began his campaign for the office of President of the United States back in 2019. Hawkins began with the goals of building the Green Party’s numbers so that it might be seen as a viable opposition to the two current primary parties and to put their stance on issues into the public zeitgeist.

Born in California in 1952, Hawkins was raised in a multicultural neighborhood of San Mateo.

Later, he attended Dartmouth College in Vermont, campaigned for Bernie Sanders’s runs for senate and governor of Vermont and joined the Socialist Party in 1973. In the early 90s, he co-founded the Green Party and has run for elected office 24 times unsuccessfully.

Together with vice-presidential pick, Angela Walker, the duo seek to bring America to an era of ecosocialism that will fix the failings of the two capitalist parties.

However, the campaign’s run for the presidency has seen roadblocks. In September, Hawkins and Walker moved to sue Wisconsin for denying them access to the presidential ballot.

“The Democratic Party is behaving like the anti-Democratic Party by working to keep the Green Party off the ballot. Thousands of voters in Wisconsin reject both former Vice President Joe Biden or President Donald Trump,” Walker said. “These voters deserve more choices.”

In fact, they’ve had issues with getting on to the ballot across the country. In New York, for example, the number of votes they needed to remain on the ballot was tripled.

Despite this, the campaign and the party has fought for their own right to be considered and for the people's’ right to be able to vote for them.

One of their biggest policies is their promotion of an Ecosocialist Green New Deal. Their Green New Deal would include the elimination of all carbon emissions by 2030, a ban on fracking and use of fossil fuels, disarming of all US nuclear warheads, public ownership and planning of various industries and the creation of other environmental programs and organizations.

The introduction of these policies would be paid for through the expansion and ramping up of taxes — mostly on the wealthy, but also ecological based taxes.

Hawkins would furthermore pull all US troops out of foreign countries.

“We want to cut the military budget by 75% in order to increase our security. The biggest security threat we face is climate change,” Hawkins said. “A $250 billion military budget will still be the world’s largest. It is far less costly in terms of personnel and weapons to defend a home territory than to invade and occupy foreign territory.”

Like Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgenson, Hawkins seeks to end the war on drugs and mass incarceration. He views drug abuse as a health problem rather than a criminal one and would instead mimic the Portuguese model of harm reduction.

This policy falls under the campaign’s “Social Justice and Civil Rights” umbrella, which also encompasses various progressive movements for LGBTQ protections, regulations on firearms and the protection of the American people from mass government surveillance.

“We will fight against the prosecution whistleblowers and publishers under the 1917 Espionage Act, which has always been used for political repression and never more so than during the last two administrations,” Hawkins said.

Another way in which Hawkins and Walker seek to preserve the civil rights of Americans is in their policy of community control over the police.

By that, they mean the implementation of community boards that would have real power over the police and would be able to prevent policies such as racial profiling and frisking.

“People are rising up against systemic police violence, especially against Black people. The government should listen to the legitimate concerns of the people. Racism and violence have no place in policing,” Walker said.

Along the lines of civil rights, Hawkins supports a single-payer health care system aimed at eliminated the current model of generating profit for a few. His campaign website outlines a multi-phase, decade long plan for conversion to such a system and the milestone goals each step would achieve.

Hawkins and his party want to usher in an era of peace and prosperity for both America and the world.

Through socialist economic reform, the protection of civil rights and liberties and the stalwart defense of the planet’s environment, Hawkins wants to right the wrongs of past administrations and bring justice to the country.

In-depth dives into policy can be found within their policy papers hosted on the campaign website.

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